Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Real Gentlemen

This morning I attended akad nikah of Mbak Putri and Mas Rama. Mbak Putri is my best friend’ sister, Fanny, where you can read more about my friendship and Fanny here.
The wedding itself is very simple, only akad, nothing fancy, no big party and so on. I actually want to have that kind of wedding, but I’m sure my mom and dad will disagree – call it the curse of being the first child -_-

Rizka - Sheila with Baby Kiano - me with no baby *HAHA* - Fanny with baby Aira
Anyway, like usual, me and my mom have a light conversation on our way home.

My mom told a story about a woman she knows in my sister’s school.

“…one day, when she is busy cooking, her baby got tantrum so she ignore her dishes. When she got back to the kitchen, she forgot if she had added salt to the soup, so she adds some in it. In the evening, when they have dinner, her husband eats nicely. Because it’s her habit to feed her baby first, so she waits until the baby is finish, then it’s her turn to eat. And she just found out that the soup is too salty. She cried and she apologized to her husband, and asked why he didn’t got mad at her.. Her husband answered with smile, ‘I know you already busy with the baby, so I really appreciate you still made time to cook. Just be more careful next time.’”

And my mom cried.

And I cried, too.

My mom knows I am still afraid of getting married, because I got traumatic of her marriages – my mom is the one who got married, but I am the one who is afraid of getting married. But she keeps praying. For only one thing.

“It’s a man’s faith which guides him to treat woman well. Even Rasulullah said, ‘the best amongst you is he who is the most kind to his wife, right? I hope your husband aware of this, so if you make mistakes, or you both need to discuss something, he can talk with you in soft voice, gently and tenderly.”

Later that day, I remember a message from Coach Timo long time ago. I have written it in this post, but I would mention it again here:

“you, prima, are the only one in this world. there is no other prima. so, make sure you’ll spend your life with a good guy who treat you well. ‘cause life is too good to spend with a guy who always talk with you in loud voice, who never listen and understand you, who never be there when you need him. note that.”

Amin insyaAllah :’)


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