Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Me and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

My jaw dropped as I read my name in the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) Program Book.

I was Is it really my name?
I contacted Kak Ochie (the Volunteer's Coordinator) and she confirmed that it IS my name. I know I was silly, but I trembled as I never thought that I am here in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival for three times now. Also, I wondering...when did they print the book? When do they decide to put my name in the book? I don't think I do something big for the event...yet. MCs team, please do your best or I will blacklist you for next year' event! Lol.

Last September, I finally got an invitation for my best friend' wedding in Jeeva Saba Bali. I was happy but actually I feel doubtful whether I can attend the wedding. I haven't received my project fee (which actually a lot enough, but that's the risk of working with governments. Meh.), and I know that I will spend two weeks in Bali, much money do I need for the trip? Where will I stay? What am I gonna do for one week before UWRF other than working on my assignments?

But I also know one thing: I want to go, and no matter what, I WILL GO!

My best friend' wedding is very important for me, and have you ever heard that one thousand angels come down to earth in Ijab Qabul so that it is a perfect time to pray?

Also, if you ever questioned why UWRF is something I prioritize above everything (even my study), you better don't. You just don't know how it feels #tsaaah

In 2013, I attended UWRF for the first time, trying to catch up between fever (why it has to be happened at times like these??) and Ied Adha to find an answer. You can read here for more story. After I found myself in UWRF 2013, surely I need to participate in it, and I made it in UWRF 2014. Once again, I juggled between working, office vacation to Bandung, and preparation for World Muslimah Award 2014.

This year, I am struggling for my study, yet I don't have any still income. But I did something crazy, I offered myself to be a Supervisor. Up 'til now, I still wake up with anxiety, is everything going to be alright? Day by day approaching the event, I am getting more and more nervous. Hahahahaha. However, I do really enjoy it and I don't regret to arrive earlier.

So, if you are curious what UWRF has did to me so that I can be like this, I suggest you to attend and feel the vibe by yourself. Remember, all risk is on you ;)
Sending love from the UWRF office,

**for more information about Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, please click here

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Sunrise at Sanur Beach

Good morning!

Yea, sometimes life can be this crazy and I have to realize that I am soooooooooo blessed. I don't know why I still feel jealous to see other people' happiness as Allah has given me mine. Well, if there's something human can do it very well, it's complaining all the time. But I hope my readers prefer to be grateful :)

Anyway, some of you might have guessed why I abandon this blog for some times. Honestly, I lost an interest in blogging these last days. I feel like I need new challenges - not just in writing, but also life. Then Allah granted my wish. I had many things to do - and more to come in the near future. However, as I have said in the last post, I gain some, I lost some. But that's life, we just need to deal with it.

One of the most urgent plan for me is, I am trying to practice English more - specifically in writing. I really really want to write my thesis in English - but my lecturers studied overseas so I kinda worry with that. But all I want to do is just try and try. Therefore, I would like 'warn' you, my dear readers, I will write my blog posts in English, and I hope it's for good. I mean, like forever, not just 1-2 posts. If you don't understand what I write, that's your problem - kidding. It means, we can learn together. I don't speak English perfectly, so I might also find some difficulties in explaining what's on my mind.

Secondly, for two-three weeks ahead, I think I will write some things more personal. I have some deep thoughts in my mind and I don't want to think it by myself, LOL. You have to think about it too! Who knows that by sharing it, it can expand our insight and making some real action towards it. 

So, I'll see you in the next post(s)! But for now, let me enjoy the wedding day of my best friend ;)

Love from Bali,

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I woke up this morning and feeling great 'cause it's my birthday, baby! I'm 22 today! **which is surely a total lie but could you just please let me pretend that I'm 22? :)))

Not that I want to discuss my birthday because what I think is, when you get older, you don't get many greetings compared than when you were a child. Don't know why, I thought Facebook reminder helps us, but yeah, I don't even care. Correction: I received a lot of greetings, like really A LOT. Thank you so much!!!!! -- It's not (just) the greeting but the reflection of yourself. Because the most important thing is, you get closer to death, so then you have to make sure that you are also getting closer to God. That's all.

Anyway, I just had a super amazing week with 7th grade students from Stamford American International School, Singapore. They visited Yogyakarta for an experiential learning with JUMP! Foundation. JUMP! Foundation itself is a bunch of cool people who facilitate programs for kids and teachers development. They're so awesome I don't even regret to skip the classes for a week, LOL.

But, at the other side, I also let go two things that, for me, are very important. When I decided to get back to school, I had a plan to hold an international seminar and attend as many as conferences that I can. At the first semester, I wanted to adapt and checked how's the things go on, so I just discussed the seminar plan with my classmates. When the next semester started, I know I can handle more than school assignments so I gathered my friends and talk about the seminar. But I don't need more time to figure out that the seminar is the idea of myself and no one as excited as me. Weeks after, I still try convincing myself that this seminar is possible to be held. We will be good, I whispered to myself. However, at one point, I gave up. I realize that everybody in the class has his/her own vision for what he/she wants to do during college time and it's totally fine. So, I stepped back and cancel the plan. Nobody response, though – that was quite hurts but yeah, I'm alright to know it sooner than later.

About the conference, it's another 'problem' because I don't have some time to consult to the adviser – I don't even have one because I'm not sure who to look for. But I found a conference that fits on my interest, and I already wrote a research. However, I had to choose between attending the conference or Ubud Writers and Readers Festival – so you can guess what I prefer for.

I have written this very often now: you can be everything, but you can't be everything at once.
So I learned over and over again, that there will always time for everything - or sometimes it's not everything, but a thing or two that really really matters.

This year has been amazing for me, and this can be happening because I try to focus on what I really want to do. I have declined some offers that actually interesting, but I know it's not a good thing to be distracted a lot.

God has given me some great opportunities that make me who I am today. So then, the lesson for this year and ahead is: don't be a greedy person. You know what you want, you are good at what you do (and getting better), so it's great enough for now and you have to wait patiently until the time you feel you need something new. Don't grab everything that comes to your door just because you want to look productive, but do one thing that will makes you grateful.

Hopefully it will be an important lesson for you who read it, and have a nice weekend!

Lots of love,
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