Saturday, October 17, 2015


Sunrise at Sanur Beach

Good morning!

Yea, sometimes life can be this crazy and I have to realize that I am soooooooooo blessed. I don't know why I still feel jealous to see other people' happiness as Allah has given me mine. Well, if there's something human can do it very well, it's complaining all the time. But I hope my readers prefer to be grateful :)

Anyway, some of you might have guessed why I abandon this blog for some times. Honestly, I lost an interest in blogging these last days. I feel like I need new challenges - not just in writing, but also life. Then Allah granted my wish. I had many things to do - and more to come in the near future. However, as I have said in the last post, I gain some, I lost some. But that's life, we just need to deal with it.

One of the most urgent plan for me is, I am trying to practice English more - specifically in writing. I really really want to write my thesis in English - but my lecturers studied overseas so I kinda worry with that. But all I want to do is just try and try. Therefore, I would like 'warn' you, my dear readers, I will write my blog posts in English, and I hope it's for good. I mean, like forever, not just 1-2 posts. If you don't understand what I write, that's your problem - kidding. It means, we can learn together. I don't speak English perfectly, so I might also find some difficulties in explaining what's on my mind.

Secondly, for two-three weeks ahead, I think I will write some things more personal. I have some deep thoughts in my mind and I don't want to think it by myself, LOL. You have to think about it too! Who knows that by sharing it, it can expand our insight and making some real action towards it. 

So, I'll see you in the next post(s)! But for now, let me enjoy the wedding day of my best friend ;)

Love from Bali,


  1. Yeay, let it burn, Mbak Prima! XD

    1. makasih Firaaa, makasih udah setia komen dan ngebaca :))

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Prima! I don't know why I also lost my interest to blog these days.. maybe I need some life challenges. Wish me luck~ I hope I can pursue another study trip next year. Enjoy Bali! ;)


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