Sunday, December 7, 2014


...don't worry, I'm still alive :)))

Maybe some of you wondering why I don't have some new blog posts after my latest post about my new sisters.

Okay, to be honest, I feel like I am totally messed up. 

You know me, I never want to lie to you: my readers, my friends, my sisters - it's just sometimes I prefer to not telling you :p

I am moving to Yogyakarta recently, and in the last five days, actually it doesn't works as I planned.
I think I just expect too much.
Like, getting new opportunities. That soon, prim? Yep.

Turns out, my aunt (who supposed to need my help in her project) is in Japan until next weekend. Her partner, who might need my help too, is in Papua until mid next week. 
So? Nothing to do.

Well, not literally that way.

I actually working as a freelance content writer. Yay!
But, turns out it's kinda hard to be back to my working rhythm after not working at all for five weeks.
When I do my mini Indochina trip, I still had my job with me, like checking emails and talk to my clients every night. 

Now? I'm doing a job with no strict working hours and no deadline.
It kills me slowly. (My friend: "God, it must be hard for a workaholic for you"). Hahaha.

Oh yes, I resigned from my job at the end of October. 
I guess it's not just for World Muslimah Award 2014, but it just happened at the right time. Thank You, Allah.

I'm fine. At least, I'm trying to be.
I have some friends in Yogyakarta, and they have been sooooo good in recommending events, hang-out places - even ask for meetup.
I also working on some paperworks for a scholarship, wish me luck!!!
I also have sent my application (again) to the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literatures - yesss, that event! The one that I tell you earlier this January!!! I really wish they let me know as soon as possible! *finger crossed*

So yes, I'm good, I'm good.
I was just in a transitioning phase - which is not very comfortable - but I believe I will feel better soon.

Anyway, if you live or come by to Yogyakarta, do inform me! Maybe we can have some coffee tea together.
I have a lot of free time before... I don't know where destiny gets me first. Haha.

Stay positive!



  1. Jogjanya di mana mbak?
    Saya orang Jogja, kapan-kapan boleh dong ngobrol sama mbak Prima. :D

  2. Aku Jogja juga :D
    Btw salut bisa memutuskan resign, aku masuk maju mundur :D:D:D:D

    1. ayo ah, ga baik terlalu nyaman di satu posisi *ngomporin* :p

  3. Waaah kapan lagi ya suamiku dinas ke Jogja... beberapa bulan lalu aku sempat seminggu di Jogja celingak celinguk tiap hari cari kegiatan :p
    Well good luck for your new job, Prim! :)


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