Monday, December 15, 2014

#ThePrimUWRF: Giveaway #uwrf14 Anthology

Maybe Igna (who is she? You can refer to my Saturday’ blog post) was right when she said that we still can’t get over the UWRF excitement. I can’t even patiently waiting for the #uwrf15 – which I hope I will be a volunteer again (becoming panelist will be awesome, but I am still not sure for next year). 

One thing I regret from #uwrf14 was, I totally forgot to buy the merchandises. I keep postponing as I thought I will have some time at the last day of the festival. Turned out, the merchandise store closed earlier. Cry cry. But, kak Erma – committee in Merchandise division - is very kind to send some anthologies as well as some notebooks to Surabaya as I ordered it. Oh, and Aini, a volunteer from Bandung also handed me two anthologies for free. Awww, everybody is so sweet :)

Every year, UWRF compiled selected writings from Indonesian aspiring writers, which is contain with poetry and prose. If I am not mistaken, every writer flown to Ubud (I didn’t meet all, just like 2 or 3 writers) and this project funded by Hivos, a Dutch NGO concerning in human creativity. Maggie Tiojakin talked in one of my session (cieh), as I told you here. Besides her, I met Dias Novita Wuri in 'Jalan-jalan'. She has a thoughtful story about her father – but that story is not what she tells in the anthology. Her writing in this book, Impian Mimpi, tells a story about a dog…which is very… I don’t know the right word to explain it to you… You have to read it by yourself, as you will be speechless just like me. 

I have to admit that it is truly hard to pick my favorite story. I read ‘Sam Po Soei Soe, Si Juru Masak’ by Erni Aladjai and I love it. I also think ‘Siluet Balerina’ by Sulfiza Ariska really tragic. But I highly recommend you to read ‘Bingung’ by Fadel Ilahi El-Dimisky very carefully, as you will be confused too. Hahaha. Very nice, mas Fadel!

As for the poetry, hmmm I can’t say that I am a huge fans of poetry. So I’m leaving it to you to read it and let me know what you think. The most important thing is, you don’t have to question the quality. They have experienced judges, and I heard one of them is Ahmad Fuadi, author of Negeri 5 Menara.

I don’t know if kak Erma can help you to buy the book now, but the good news is… I will give you ONE book, along with a pretty Saraswati notebook (same cover, smaller size). It will be shipped directly to your house, but you have to win it first. Hehehehehe. The giveaway is not here on my blog, but here on Luckyta Pustakawin’ blog, and she also has written her review about the book here. She has a sophisticated book blog, not to mention she is a librarian herself. So if you want to gain more insight about books, you know where to go ;)  

Check her blog TODAY, so you don’t waste your time and might be missing this opportunity.

Good luck! 


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