Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#1Day1Dream: Performing Umrah with My Mom

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Perkiraan Pencapaian: As soon as possible!

Finally, last post for the dreams!

I have planned to dedicate this post to my lovely mom, but turns out it’s not as easy as I think. I always failed when I give surprise to my mom. One day, I bought her a wallet, luxurious and expensive one (at least for me); and she said she needs a bag. Another day, I bought her a make up palette as I thought she needs it; and she said she wants something else. After three times, I stopped giving surprise gifts and just ask, ‘what do you want me to buy you, mom?’ :)))

But this time, I am pretty sure that we’re gonna meet. She wants to perform umrah, three of us: me, my mom, and my sister. There’s another dream of her, which is performing umrah with all 11 of her siblings. Sadly, one of my uncle passed away last year so now her family is not complete anymore :(

She thinks performing umrah with me and my sister will be the last trip that we can do together, before I get married and my sister goes to college. And it makes sense, even though now I still don't have husband candidate, LOL. As performing hajj takes looooong time to queue for us Indonesians, so I think by the time I can perform hajj, I will go with my husband. AMIN YA ALLAH.

There was a ‘funny’ story between my mom and Ka’aba. My mom performed hajj when I was a kid. She said she wants to hearten herself after the divorce, so she insisted that she has to go that year. Thank Allah, everything went smoothly. She said there were some challenges like the application was already closed, her money were not enough to make the down payment, and she didn't get the permission from her boss. But, closer to the departure date, everything were solved. Subhanallah. 

In front of the Ka'aba door, or what we call, Multazam, she prayed. To not being separated with me, ever. No wonder, at that time, I was her only treasure. With a broken marriage, I was all she had. 

After years, she said it becomes a curse. She can't let me go away. When I study in Malang, she has to force herself to not moving to Malang too. Now, as I moving in to Jogja, she said she has to hold herself for calling me every minute, or visiting me every weekend. These things, not happening with my sister.

So when I win The Most Inspiring Muslimah and get Umrah as the prize, she ask to come in too. She said, 'kak, kita berdua harus berdoa di Multazam, berdoa supaya kakak segera lepas dari mama. Supaya kita bisa melanjutkan hidup kita masing-masing.' Drama, right? But it just shows how big my 'burden' is to make her proud. We love each other more than words can explain, even though we don't always show it. 

I hope my trip will come soon, so I can accomplish my mom' dream. 

Lots of love,


  1. amiiien semoga mimpinya terwujud...btw aku mau juga ke tempat ini :)

  2. Aamiin, semoga impiannya tercapai ya :D

    Oh iya, kamu dapat award nih http://coretanrifqi.blogspot.com/2015/01/my-3rd-4th-and-5th-liebster-award.html

  3. hope that all your dreams will come true, Amiin
    salam kunjungan salam perkenalan sist

  4. Terharu aku bacanya Mbak :')
    Semoga segera tercapai :)


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