Sunday, November 30, 2014

#PrimWMAdiary: My New Sisters

Piye kabareee para pembaca saya yang budiman?
Pasti kangen sama saya kan yaaa *ditimpuk*

Alhamdulillah, serangkaian acara Workshop/Grand Final World Muslimah Award (WMA) 2014 sudah berhasil saya lewati dengan sejahtera dan sentosa, cuma yaaa ngantuknya masih kebangetan nih. Ga kebayang saudari-saudari saya yang harus melintasi separuh dunia ini untuk terbang pulang ke rumah masing-masing.. Huhuhu.

Anyway, talking about my new sisters, until now I still feel surprised to know that we were together only for two weeks. Experiencing the closeness among us.. I almost think that we have known each other for more than two years.. We share a lot of stories - like really, A LOT. Even me and Tasneema share her father - haha, now I have a Bangladeshi dad, everyone.. How can I be more proud of them?

So, let me introduce you to my new sisters so you can also get to know them better. Kata orang Indonesia, tak kenal maka tak sayang. Who knows someday you meet one of them, you will experience their kindness by yourself. And if it happens, please tell them that I love them with every piece of my heart :)

[Ki-ka] Atas: Samaneh - Nisa - saya - Molina | Bawah: Hetty - Lulu - Imhe - Dina
[Ki-ka] Baris satu: Fatma - Bilqis - Tasneema | Baris dua: Masturah - Safitri - Gesti | Baris tiga: Elis - Lisa - Nazreen

1. Safitri (Indonesia) - the first finalist that I met in person. When I arrive in Jakarta airport, I couldn't contact somebody who should pick me up. Fitri and I have exchanged phone number and SMS some days before our arrival, and we should have arrived in near time. So I picked her to her terminal, and after then joining the other finalists who already waiting for us. She is a pretty girl, and way slimmer than in her photo (haha). She is on her way to be a doctor, and personally, I feel so sorry to her that I don't have any time to listen more to her stories. However, I do believe she has big dreams, and she is very determined in actualizing them. Fitri sayang, kapan-kapan main ke Jogja lagi ya.. Janji dengerin curhatmu bermalam-malam deh.. ;)

2. Masturah (Singapore) - the second finalist that I met at the airport, but we have talked on DM some weeks before. Another finalist who fired her boss to be at the final. But her sacrifice is much more than mine, for sure. Actually, at first I couldn't believe it that she is a teacher. She is very very stylish and I love everything that she wears along the workshop! She was my roommate in Bogor, and I admire her principles in life. Duh Mas, I will always remember #awakkatmane :D

3. Tasnima (Bangladesh) - the time I shook her hand, I know she has huge maternal feeling inside her (bahasa Indonesia = keibuan). See, she is an intern doctor! Not just a doctor, because she is also a henna artist and has angel voice too. So multi-talented! More, she is very humble. I think if I become her, I can be a very arrogant person because I have everything. But she isn't. She took care of every finalist, like her real sister. Especially if one of us sick, she always paid a good attention to us. No wonder she won Most Favorite Winner :)

4. Imhe Junyanti (Indonesia) - ini cewek cuuuantik, super!!! I think she is a little bit shy, when actually she has a big potential inside her. She is a muslimah model, dan karena dia adalah make up artist, dia suka gemes lihat alis saya yang berantakan. Hihihi. Imheee, cepet nikah ya Mhee, biar aku ada alesan main ke Makassar. Hihihi. 

5. Molina (Indonesia) - the first finalist that contacted me, waaay before we both announced as finalists. Alhamdulillah ya sayang, kita berjodoh ketemu di Final.. To see her, is like seeing younger version of me. Super active and still eager to maintain her scores. But she is better one, I didn't involved in any sport activity :p Moli, you are so lucky to join Final WMA in a young age. You can do much more, stay focus and keep moving forward!!!

6. Lulu Susanti (Indonesia) - aslinya pingin belajar lebih banyak dari Ustadzah satu ini, tapi apa daya waktu yang terbatas jadi mesti pinter-pinter ngatur waktu buat curi ilmu. Lain kali karantinanya mesti setengah tahun kali ye, LOL. She is very mature, and I admire her calmness in handling every situation at WMA. Indonesia proud to see you in Top 10, kak! Barakallah!

7. Samaneh (Iran) - she just came like a thunder, hahaha. She is the clown, whenever she nears, we can just forget about our fatigue. To listen to her way of talking, I understand Indonesians might think she is a little bit impolite. But for me, no wonder she was chosen to be one of The Most Inspiring Muslimah. She taught us to speak up, and I believe it is very very important in an intercultural interaction. Sama, I wish I'm with you in Bali now :D

8. Lisa (Malaysia) - she is another petite finalist besides me :p I feel thankful to sit next to her at the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. I have a curiousity towards her, and after seven hours of chit-chatting, I admire her sincere heart, really. She is also very humble. At the train, we have to promote our friend, and I wanted to promote her more, but she keep saying, 'enough, prima.. enough.' Lisaaa, you will be a great doctor, insya Allah ;)

9. Dina Torkia (United Kingdom) - aaargh, I think I have to write another blog post, only for her - my roommate for seven days in Yogyakarta, before she left me alone to be with her husband (pfffttt). She is a very cool girl, not just because she is a celebrity - but much more than that!!! Everytime I think of her, I always giggle as she is very cute and honest. One time we were about to sleep at almost 12AM, and we were scheduled to wake up at 2.15AM. I said, "see you tomorrow" just like usual, but she said, "no, see you in two hours." Hahahahaha. Dinaaa, miss you so so much!!!

10. Nisa Bella (Malaysia) - a doll among us, really. She always look fabulous, and she is also smart! At the Grand Final, she doing make up by herself, and my make up artist said that she just did it like a pro. Nisa, Nisa.. please invite me to your wedding! I will come, insyaAllah ;)

11. Hetty (Indonesia) - the most elegant finalist among us. I think I never heard her laugh out loud like me or Sama. Hetty sayang, badai pasti berlalu. Allah tidak akan membebani hamba-Nya dengan sesuatu yang tak mampu ia tanggung. Cheer up, chin up, you go girl!

12. Elis Sholihah (Indonesia) - be careful, don't be misguided by her appearance. She is not 19 years old, she is ** years old! :p I know, she is very very cute, isn't she? And her heart, ohmy.. She has doing a lot of social project - which makes me embarrased of myself.. She is also an entrepreneur too. And a singer!!! Apa sih yang kamu ga bisaaa, El. Curi satu dong bakatnya, huhu.

13. Gesti (Indonesia) - you know, Allah gives the right thing at the right time. Gesti is one of the evident. She has became a semifinalist for two years in a row (2012, 2013) but she just made it as finalist at 2014. Alhamdulillah ya Gestiii, kalau kamu udah jadi finalis di tahun sebelumnya, kamu ga kenal aku lhoh, rugi! LOL. That's why I admire her for her persistence. She will be a great entrepreneur, I am sure! Never give up, sayang! 

14. Nazreen (India) - she deserves to be the Second Winner, what else can I say? She has a pure heart, and she has a lot of stories to share. That night, when we have to interact with the orphans, she tried to sing every Indian songs she knows - I think it was like a lullaby for them, no, Nazreen? Hehe. 

15. Bilqis (Nigeria) - she is very very very beautiful! At first I couldn't take my eyes off her just because her beauty. Unfortunately her tall body disturbing for me personally, hahahahaha. Bilqis, I hope we can talk more in the future. I can see that you are an intelligent person, and please send my regards to your husband. He is lucky to have you!

16. Fatma (Tunisia) - the winner! A very best representation of what so-called Miss World Muslimah, because she looks, talks, and walks - just like a princess. Same with Bilqis, I also hope to talk and get to know more about you. The world is waiting for your action, and I am ready to support you, sister!

17. Naballah (Trinidad&Tobago) - I really really wish she joined us earlier.. Because her profile at web is so interesting, and I believe she is! Please talk more at our Whatsapp group, I am sure you will be easily involved in our conversation! ;)

Last but not least, I don't think I can thank Bu Eka Shanty and Puan Jay enough for meeting us. Subhanallah, may Allah bless them in every single day, and also grant them a place in Jannah - for their hard work to gather inspiring women in an event, just so we can inspire more and more young muslimahs out there. 

Bismillah, our 'duty' starts here! Wish us all the best! :)

Lots of love,
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