Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 TV Shows that Will Help You to Speak English Better

So, continuing my post on Monday, as I have said, I had a chance to practice my English more often than usual for the last couple weeks; and most of my partner said that my English is very good. I took that as compliment, but that's also recalled some memories of me speaking English poorly when I was 13-14 years old. I wasn't just feel stupid to not knowing how to make a good English sentence, but I was also embarrassed, especially when it comes to speak in front of many people.

Years go by, I am getting more confident with my English skill. I read a lot of English books, magazines, and newspapers; I also joined English debate club where I was forced to not only speak but think in English. In every practice/competition, I have to speak for around 8-10 minutes so I have to explain what I mean clearly, explicitly, and convincing. It was like my mind filled with English words, I even pray in English... Because I know God understand all language, and He knows I want to be better in English-speaking. Haha.

But language skill can be decreasing, too. Look at me with my Japanese, German and Korean skill. I studied Japanese at the first grade of high school, along with having German private tutor coming to my dorm twice a week. None of those language is used years after, so now I have nothing left, except “vie get est ihnen?” -_______________-

Korean was almost same. I reached a level of language fluency that even surprised me in only six months. At that time, I can understand what Korean says although I don't always know how to response it. But soon after, it diminishes and I can only do some jagisogae now. Argh. Too bad.

However, if I can put aside my struggle with other languages (oh, I haven't mentioned my battle with Arabic course – it was a war!!!!!), I am having an opportunity to explore more English vocabulary, and I would love to share it with you. It's a lot easier for me now, but I still want to learn, though. Hopefully it's also easy for you, becauseee it's just as simple as turn on your television and bring a notebook with you. Yes, I am gonna share not only one or two but FIVE TV shows that can makes you speak more fluently in English in minutes (IF you practice it, lol). Are you ready? Here we go.

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1. Criminal Minds
Okay, it's about psychological imbalance of a person; it's about some kind of irrational reasons of killing a person; and sometimes (most of the time!) how a suspect kills the victims is so... dehumanized. But, you can just pay attention to Dr. Spencer Reid, that good-looking genius. The wikipedia says that his IQ is 18x something, he can read 20,000 words in an hour (or a minute?), and he has three academic titles. No wonder that every word he says is somehow new for me. So yes, I always paused at that second - after he finished a sentence - write it down in my notebook, looking for its meaning in the dictionary, and then repeat it until the sentence locked in my mind. Not to mention, that there will be some wise quotes in the beginning and ending part – for this quote, I'd rather writing it on my Facebook status or tweet it. I look wise now, am I? *smirk

2. Undercover Boss USA
Some episodes can really like 'what?', but some episodes are really inspiring. I always cry after watching it – mostly if it's a boss who helps the employees in their education/health problem. My faith in humanity does restored, so I recommend it highly. Also the English used here is conversational one because it's reality show after all. I'm hoping the dialogue is natural, though. Who says you can't learn and being inspired at once?

3. Arirang Prime Time News
I put it in the list because it is more convenient for us to hear English-speaking Asian. No matter what the newscasters' background is, but their pronunciation is just right for our ears. Arirang also have other good programs but watching the news make you (look, ehem) smarter. Actually, Indonesian channel Metro TV used to have news program in English too, but watching news about Indonesian is just stressful – so yeah, I erased it from my favorite list.  

4. Top Gear UK
While Top Gear Korea is great for its innovation and creativity, and Top Gear USA is boring (sorry!) - I love to watch Top Gear UK. If you want to hear more British English, Top Gear UK is the right program for you. Their British accent is not too hard to understand, and they can make you laugh. Or cry, because you want the luxurious car so much ← that's what my cousin do.

5. Ultimate Airport Dubai
With the same reason as Arirang Prime Time News, this TV show is really great for you to learn English. Dubai Airport is also one of the biggest airports in the world (and one of the best...), AND it is becoming hub for most flights from Southeast Asia to Europe. So this serial will be really helpful for you who love traveling.

One requirement, when you watch those TV shows, don't you dare using Indonesian (or your language) subtitle. Hahaha, sama aja boong sih. The goal of studying English through TV shows is so that you get used to order to train your speaking skill. So once again I'd say, practice, practice, and practice!



  1. Watchs tv shows in other language will help you to learn the language, indeed. 2 tahun belakangan aku hobi banget nonton tv show barat, terutama sinetronnya. Gara-gara itu aku jadi ketularan mikir pakai bahasa Inggris. Kadang kalau chat sama temen pakai bahasa Inggris juga. Aku juga secara gak sadar berdoa pakai bahasa Inggris meski grammar acak adut. Hahaha.

    1. Toss dulu! Hahaha
      Iya sih tapi sayangnya kalau ada yang ngobrol bahasa Inggris sama temen, masih disangka sok keminggris. padahal namanya juga latian, hihi.

  2. hahaha.. iya ya, kenapa kalo denger orang indonesia ngomong inggris malah jadi bikin stres :P suka liat iklannya giring nidji di disney xd yang dia nerangin betapa fun-nya punya topeng star wars yang customized.. suer ga ngerti sama yang dia omongin.. padahal pas bintang iklan lain, kalo ga salah dari filipina apa cina apa mana gitu, bisa nangkep apa yang dia omongin

    1. oh, aku malah belum pernah nonton.
      sebenarnya banyak juga kok orang Indonesia yang fasih dalam bahasa Inggris. aku salah satunya #eaaa XD

    2. hahahah.. iya deeehhh.. percaya :D

  3. nice info...
    but sometimes the tv also has impact not cool ...


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