Thursday, November 5, 2015

What My Dad Taught Me about Passion

Pose-nya biar kayak anak gaul gitu... :))
Around two months ago, I had a chance to have a 'short' trip with my dad. Actually it was a working trip for me, but since it is a rare experience for us to meet, why didn't he drives me around? *anak durhaka

We went to Kulon Progo and Sleman, came by to visit my dad's best friend as they haven't met each other for almost 20 years! Later that day, he told me that my generation is so lucky to have Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., to keep in touch. My dad, in order to meet his friend, had to contact another friend, who connected him to another friend (duh!) who works in the same ministry (dinas), then he got that friend' phone number. Fiuh.

But it isn't the thing I want to tell you here. On our way home, we discussed about the choice of life. My dad's best friend works for a governmental office below the ministry of husbandry (Dinas Peternakan). Knowing he is already at senior level, so basically his salary is good enough (or do I have to say, rich enough?).

I asked my dad if he ever thought to work in the similar job, being a governmental employee? He answered firmly, NO. Graduated as a veterinarian, he always dreamed to be an entrepreneur. After working in an animal food' company (perusahaan pakan ternak) for 10 years, he signed out and started his first business: chicken farm. Unfortunately, although our family had some good years, my dad' next ventures keep failing and we are having financial crisis for the last ten years.

He never feel regret, though. He said it's what he always wants to do, and the only thing that feels right for him even after failed so many times. By the time, I personally think, it's what we call passion. We know what we want to do, thus we keep doing it no matter how many times we fall and fail. 

In the other side, I realized that my dad is worry that I will be failing myself just like him. It's because we still have arguments of what I want to do in my life, and yeah, I'm that happy-go-lucky kind of person. I have no clear target, strict deadline, or even long-term goals. The thing is, no parent want to see the children are struggling – especially after the parent exchanging their life to give a comfortable shelter, an eligible school, a nice motorcycle or car, you name it.

So, I guess, even though time goes by, there will be always this kind of debate: a good job and a job that has to be avoided; and then, the parents and the kids always see it from totally different point of views. I am a little bit lucky that my dad counted as 'rebel' at his time, but we still find some misunderstanding in our discussion. I can't imagine my friends who face bigger problem as their parents are governmental employees, and let friends are artists. Woohoo, hello Prima? Can I stay at your home because I fight with my dad again – yes, still about that vacancy-in-his-office versus an art expo that I want to join in? Hmmm.

If you have a parent who fully understand your passion, congratulation! But if it is otherwise, perhaps you want to share your experience? I'm sure it will be helpful!

For the love of passion,


  1. Why don't you tell the story about the trip? Hahah...

    My dad give me the choice, decision, and self-goal, but in other side he want me to be like him, an engineer. It's also one of my dream fyi, but my passion isn't xD

    1. ahahahaha karena perjalanannya sendiri gitu-gitu doang X)

      still want to read more about passion? I'll give you one more, soon!


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