Thursday, November 12, 2015

What is Passion, btw?

Still talking about passion. I am pretty much inspired by Diana Rikasari' post, as it opened my eyes. All of this times, we might always trapped with only one or two specific things that we think representing our passion. The truth is, what we do and what we can do, are so much more than that. Our dreams, our goals, our attempts in finding ways to be useful for others; are way more complicated to be defined by a 'job' or a 'profession', even a 'title'.

When I work for JUMP! Foundation early October, I had a challenge: to create a meaningful conversation with Danny. He is very very quiet and inexpressive. When he rode the buffalo, he liked it. I could see the sparks in his eyes. He didn't tell me how happy or excited he was, but he seems enjoyed every activity. At that day when we went to Borobudur and eco-farming, I came late to the bus, and he  was the only student who doesn't have a seat-mate. So I sat next to him, and try to talk with him (more like I interviewed him, though.....).

We talk about his family, he told me about his sister who addicted to game – for him, it's fun because they can play together; but for their mom, it isn't something good. Lol. He said he miss his mom so badly, and then we start talking about hobby and occupation.

For a 12 years old boy, it makes sense that he has no plan for his study or job yet. He has no favorite subject. He thinks he likes many things, such as reading (but don't want to be a writer...yet), and swimming (but haven't got any intention to be an athlete...yet). Or when he look up to his mom, perhaps his life with guide him to be a businessman...but he hasn't sure yet.

After our conversation, we reached a conclusion that I would like to share with you. Some people are lucky to know what they want to do once they were born; some just naturally know, some are inherited from their close family. For example, you might have a friend whose his/her father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa (phew!) are doctors, then he/she becomes a doctor. Others want to be doctor since they were child because they think it's noble.

But we also meet people who find their life goals after trial-and-error for years, some even just found what they really want to do when they are old. So are they unlucky? We – Danny and I - think that these kind of people are also lucky in their own way. God gives them chances to know a lot of activities, than just stick to one thing, and they should feel grateful too. Like me, I was a radio broadcaster, private tutor, marketing executive, even joined a movie production as a talent coordinator. Kalau orang bilang banyak anak, banyak rezeki; maka buat saya banyak pekerjaan, banyak networking. Alhamdulillah.

So, don't be fooled by what they called passion. If Diana' passion is to create, then I believe that my passion is to communicate. I studied Communication Science, and if I look back, all of my jobs always related with it. Why do you have to limit your ability by pointing to one specific profession when you can do more?

Expand your horizon, go out of your comfort zone (and sometimes it means you have to do a boring job to survive), and think outside the box; but always, always be grateful and do your best. Who knows that your best opportunity might comes from something you never think of?

For the love of passion,

And this is me and Danny, on the way to airport :)

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  1. Sometimes I feel my passion is to communicate, but my mom tell me that I'm not a social-person, LOL. And I think I'm the second people, who find their life goals after trial-and-error for years, and yeah... still counting the days for find what's my real passion xD


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