Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Me and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

My jaw dropped as I read my name in the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) Program Book.

I was Is it really my name?
I contacted Kak Ochie (the Volunteer's Coordinator) and she confirmed that it IS my name. I know I was silly, but I trembled as I never thought that I am here in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival for three times now. Also, I wondering...when did they print the book? When do they decide to put my name in the book? I don't think I do something big for the event...yet. MCs team, please do your best or I will blacklist you for next year' event! Lol.

Last September, I finally got an invitation for my best friend' wedding in Jeeva Saba Bali. I was happy but actually I feel doubtful whether I can attend the wedding. I haven't received my project fee (which actually a lot enough, but that's the risk of working with governments. Meh.), and I know that I will spend two weeks in Bali, much money do I need for the trip? Where will I stay? What am I gonna do for one week before UWRF other than working on my assignments?

But I also know one thing: I want to go, and no matter what, I WILL GO!

My best friend' wedding is very important for me, and have you ever heard that one thousand angels come down to earth in Ijab Qabul so that it is a perfect time to pray?

Also, if you ever questioned why UWRF is something I prioritize above everything (even my study), you better don't. You just don't know how it feels #tsaaah

In 2013, I attended UWRF for the first time, trying to catch up between fever (why it has to be happened at times like these??) and Ied Adha to find an answer. You can read here for more story. After I found myself in UWRF 2013, surely I need to participate in it, and I made it in UWRF 2014. Once again, I juggled between working, office vacation to Bandung, and preparation for World Muslimah Award 2014.

This year, I am struggling for my study, yet I don't have any still income. But I did something crazy, I offered myself to be a Supervisor. Up 'til now, I still wake up with anxiety, is everything going to be alright? Day by day approaching the event, I am getting more and more nervous. Hahahahaha. However, I do really enjoy it and I don't regret to arrive earlier.

So, if you are curious what UWRF has did to me so that I can be like this, I suggest you to attend and feel the vibe by yourself. Remember, all risk is on you ;)
Sending love from the UWRF office,

**for more information about Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, please click here


  1. Acara-acara gini tuh suka bertabrakan sama jadwal ujian, nunggu sampai berlabel mahasiswa dulu :D

    1. aku juga sambil UTS lho, tapi berhasil nge-lobi dosen dgn cara menyelesaikan ujian sebelum berangkat, hehe.


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