Saturday, September 28, 2013

Glitter and Nude

Hello fellas, 

What did you have for your weekend?

I have a messed up day since somebody actually had made a plan for today but then cancel it without giving any chance for me to think deeply for what I want to do in a Saturday. I mean, I don't hate to be at home for all day long. But I have a life that I have to take care about, so does my plans. Unfortunately she didn't gave a care at all, and I decided to look for some fresh air outside.

And I chose pedicure ^^

Actually doing it on the weekend is not the best choice because I have to make an appointment first - and I have to wait for 1 hour (!), but I just tried to enjoy it. And I almost fell asleep when I get my nails done. Hihi. 

Anyway, they have special program at the moment. Everytime we do treatment there, they will count it, and after 10 treatment, we will get a FREE treatment. Super YAY! :D

While I believe you will not expect me to take my (foot) picture, below is my hand nail after manicure some days ago. I got my treatment here too. The people are so nice, btw ;)

And, for you whom I wait, please see this..


cia Lie Wang Nail, Royal Plaza Lt. UG, F2 No.11-12
it opens in Cito and PTC too ^^

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