Thursday, September 5, 2013

Woof You

This morning, I met an old man worked out and he is accompanied by his golden retrievers. Surely I didn’t had a chance to snap a picture of them, so I googled and found this. They are so beautiful aren’t they?

But personally, for me Siberian Husky is the winner of all time. Bigger, better.

Diediedie for their cuteness. Mumumumumumu~
I’m really sorry I forgot the source of this image :(

However, I am very aware that I can’t have one. Forever. So I just enjoy seeing one.

And anyway, it makes me miss my kitty in the past. A lot.

Garfield aka Garfy aka Garupil

My friend’s cat in the house where I lived for some months before graduation.

They are so lovely, aren't theeeyyy?  
*just found out that they both look alike, but actually not*

Unfortunately, due to my activities these days, I can’t afford to have a pet in the house. For me, they are not just a pet, they are living creatures and they need our commitment to take care and love them like a family member.

So if you have one in your house, I beg you please don’t neglect them. I know they might be annoying sometimes *haha* but they are too lovely to be ignored. And one thing, they are always sincere, much more than human who can stab you from your back. #halah

Kindly let me know your favorite pet, would love to hear your stories! ^^


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