Sunday, September 8, 2013

#iloveindonesiaphotochallenge Day 6-8

I’m back!

For the sixth day, I have to post about my holiday in Indonesia, and I proudly present...


I came here for my best friend’s wedding in January.
Sadly I couldn’t asked for a long leave so I didn’t had much time to go to Gili Trawangan or any other places. But it was a great weekend, and I was so happy for my best friend, so I had nothing to lose. Definitely will come again, and I hope the next time I visit Lombok, it will be for one week. Woo~

The topic for seventh day is something that I like *HAHA* wedding~~~
Actually we have to post about traditional wedding but there are too many things related with traditional wedding especially from my tribe, Javanese. My parents and I have decided that if I got married someday, we will not apply any kind of tradition. Especially if I got married with a foreign man like I always dreaming of, errr totally joking. But, I found some interesting traditions due to its meaning, so let me share some with you.

Wiji Dadi
The groom has to stepping on the egg, and then the bride will wash the groom's foot. It reflects that the bride is ready to obey the groom, and the groom will try to fulfill his family's needs (stand on his feet).

Kacar Kucur
In this phase, the groom gives beans and rice to the bride. It means that the groom gives all of his salary to the bride. You must ever heard this quote, "husband's money is wife's money, but wife's money surely only belong to her" :)))

Well, we also do this in Idul Fitri, but when the married couple doing this on a wedding day, it feels more touchy. So the couple are asking for forgiveness and bless from their parents. Okay, everybody can cry now.

Aaand, last topic for today, and yes this is the topic for today: traditional fabric.

Photo by Lucide Photowork
I love songket! I even chose one for OneFifty Hijab Style’s maxi skirt, and I begged my grandma to allow me wearing this fabric for my graduation.

Originally, songket is widely known to call a broad family of fabric which made in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. For Indonesia, the famous one comes from Palembang. It’s much more colorful and bright than my tribe’s traditional fabric although still, it comes in various colors. Unfortunately, days after my graduation, I just found my fabric’s label, and it says that it made in Thailand. Yes, this one is low quality one! So so disappointed and I promised to not coming back to the fabric store ever again :(((((

But still, it looks beautiful on me, isn’t it? Or is it just me? No? Okay, I’ll stop now and post more tomorrow :P
Hope you all had a great Sunday!


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