Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#PeopleAroundUs: Bling-bling


Some people said I'm cool.
But most people don't know the exact reason why I rarely smile.

I'm tired of this all.
Fly among countries, and between jetlag and sleepless nights, I have to get up and dress up.

Like a monkey in a circus.

Do you think a normal guy will wear this bling-bling bracelet going anywhere?

But hey, I'm not a normal guy.

I'm a guy who can make thousands girls screaming at me.
All I need to do is just open my mouth and say a word, or sing a song.

However, this 'fun' life comes with consequences. Maybe many guys out there would love to got the attention from girls, but I'm dying for one girl. 

The girl who already loved me since I were a fat, ugly boy rapping from small stages to medium events.

The girl who believed that one day I can be the Korean Eminem when no one even care about it.

The girl who always be the inspiration of love songs that I write.

The girl that I leave because I choose this glamorous life.


Hey, I miss you much.

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