Saturday, September 7, 2013

#iloveindonesiaphotochallenge Day 1-5


Hello hello hi hi!

So, actually there is a challenge in Instagram, we have to post a photo everyday, and the main theme is #iloveindonesiaphotochallenge. Well, it’s been sooooo long since I post my last pic on my Instagram. But still, I found many inspirations in Instagram so I keep scrolling the feeds every morning, before my bed time, or whenever I’m bored.

However, I would love to join this challenge, but instead of posting this in my full-of-spider-web Instagram, I will write about it! I hope it might give us an inspiration to love Indonesia more.

Today is the seventh day and since I am already too late, I’ll recap from the first day.
I hope I have the power to catch and write about it every single day *busy bee*

Okay, so the first day was about favorite Indonesian culinary, please refer to JH Oppa’s post here. Bakso is my guilty pleasure because I know we’re not supposed to consume processed foods too much. And its MSG ohmy, as much as our sins -_-

The second day topic is beautiful scenery, and I choose Bromo Mountain! I’ve been there three times, and it never failed me. A-must-visit place in Indonesia, and yes, it’s a high recommended place for prewedding photo shoot ;)

Moments before sunrise. Subhanallah :')
Around November 2011
Around September 2012
April (or May?) 2013 - with students from Thailand who takes major in Melayu language in Malaysia

The topic for the third day is favorite local brand. I actually don’t really care with my clothes brand, because mostly I got them from my favorite department store. So I’ll write about my favorite magazine, Cita Cinta. I’ve been their reader since 2006 when I graduate from high school. This mini magazine is simple but enlightening, and they always write about cute guys in every edition, hehe. Lucky me, my writing has been published here once :)
But unfortunately I couldn't found the picture of my writing in Cita Cinta :(

For fourth day, we were supposed to post about Local Fabric, but since I’m not really sure whether Surabaya has some kind like ‘local fabric’, so I skipped it *first cheat*

On the fifth day, we have to post about Muslim Clothing, which surely makes me remembered about One Fifty HijabStyle. You can read more about One Fifty Hijab Style here (but sorry it’s in bahasa). Due to some reasons, we announced that One Fifty Hijab Style has to be in hiatus mode for indefinable time. Sad for sure, but I’m sure one day we’ll be back with more well-prepared plan. Amin insyaAllah.

Okay, because it’s already too long and I don’t want to make you bored, I’ll publish the second episode tomorrow. Stay with me please.


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