Friday, September 6, 2013

Green and Blue

Morning beautiful people!

My mom is in Bali, so I have full weekend only for myself. I have to keep busy so I don’t miss her or likely regretting for not joining her for two nights staying in Hard Rock Hotel.

Photos courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel Bali website.


But I plan to celebrate my birthday next month in Bali, yes I hope I can attend Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2013. I’ll gather some motivation from awesome local and international writers. Sounds very good idea for a birthday celebration, isn’t it? :)

Anyway, see this resort in Ubud…

Me : Daddy, can I stay here as birthday gift?
Dad : No you can’t, you will get a new notebook.
Me : Is THAT a birthday gift? I thought I bought it with my own money…yes, although only half of the price, but still…I feel it’s a little bit unfair :|

Last time I went to Bali was 2009 (!), and Ubud is a new happening place in Bali, so I’m very excited about it. But hey, I’ll be there for UBUD WRITERS FESTIVALS, so I might be busy catching all the workshops and forums. I hope there is still some times for mingling in the nearest swimming pools cafés.

Ah, it’s very hard to focus on something when you are in front of this breath-taking view.
Have a nice weekend, errrbody!


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