Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey, Get Well Soon

Another thematic writing that I join started today! It's #1Hari1PostingBlog or in short, I promise to write a post blog every single day ^^

Today’s topic is "little thing that matters", so I will tell you about a magic line besides ‘thank you’; ‘sorry’; and ‘please’. I personally think “get well soon” is a sweet and nice thing to say; to your friends, family, or just somebody that you pass by. If you really mean it, you show that you: 1) care about him/her; 2) pray for God to give him/her strength; 3) expect him/her might get through this and back to his/her best performance.

Somehow, if somebody said it to me, I say ‘thanks’ so the bless might be returned to him/her.

And it makes me smile.

Anyway, I found this…

Is anyone agree with this? :D


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