Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweet Fruit

Some days ago, my best friend’s husband suggested me to write an opening post, so the readers can get some insight of why I create a brand new blog. Well, in short, I want to be more focus on my goal in the future. And this future means next year, oh my, the clock is ticking! So I need to, and I have to, write more and more.

Actually I am aiming for one specific topic, which is about Islam. I don’t mean to preach, and by writing all of these writings I want to underline one thing: I assume my knowledge in Islam is low, very low. Thus, I want to share what I know, or what I heard, and then I would love to get some feedback so we all can learn together :)

There were one incident happened around two years ago. I have a friend, and she is a lot younger than me, she was just a high school student at that time – make me realized how old I am. After some weeks hang out together, I met her parents. And I will never ever forget what her dad told me, “oh so this is kak prima. Thank you very much, because of you, my daughter becoming more determined in her sholat.”

I was surprised; because I am sure I never told her anything, like asking her to pray. Never. Ever. But it’s a sincere thing that I do as an older sister. I show her an example.

I don’t mean to be riya’, ‘cause I am very sure it’s a very small thing compared with every things that happened around us. There are so many bigger people, give better example, influence more and more people. And all I did was just a little, like dust in the wind #halah

So here I am, start a new thing that actually not really new and begin to have a new hope.
Let’s learn together, as my mom said, if you can’t make a better world with your treasure, then give your knowledge :)  


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