Friday, September 6, 2013

Take A Deep Breath

Thank God It’s Friday!

Been very very very busy at the office ‘cause we’ll move to bigger place.
It sounds very relieving that I can survive for more than a year; as this is my first main job after graduated from university – HAHAHA – no, my job is the answer for my pray. It IS a right job, in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Alhamdulillah :)

Anywayyy, let’s see what I’m doing to spend my Friday night as a single.

Represented my mom for arisan with other old women around my house -_-“
No photo for this, why should I?
Arisan refers to a meeting where many women gathered to draw some money. Just found out that it’s very difficult to be explained, but it’s very Indonesian and very feminine. 

After arisan – where I just putted my best smile and haha-hihi with other mommies – it’s time for doing special treatment for face at home.

1. Elysyle Essential Face Cleansing and Essential Pure Crème which is expensive compared with any other common skin care. So when my friend said “wow your skin look fresh”, I answered “yeah, but my wallet not.” :))) 
Usually for weekly treatment I use my mom’s skin care set which is much more expensive than mine, it works VERY FINE I swear I don’t lie! But my mom is in another city at the moment so I have to accept this painful reality.

2. Eye Cream
I hope I don’t need it, but you know they said aging started when you’re 25, and I’ll be a 25 y.o woman next month (!!!), so I start using it for weekly treatment.

3. Etude House Red Ginseng Sheet Mask

I chose this one because I kinda stress some these last days. And when you stress, your skin feel it too. So I want my skin relax a little bit.

And then, sleep well like a sleeping beauty..

Quick announcement!
Because of my irrational love for Korean skin care products, I’m joining this giveaway, presented by Fel’s. Wish me luck, would ya? ^^


Oh, before doing all those treatment, I read Qur'an first.
It’s gwwweat to have some quiet times to read Qur'an and think deeply about its meaning.
So sad that I don’t have many times for it, but when I have, I always turn off my phones for the best quality time. I can’t promise anything now, but I try my best to make time for it. I also added “Ayat of the Week” at my blog’s sidebar, hope it can be a little reminder that Allah always be there for us :)

What did you have for your Friday night? ;)


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