Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Close Yet So Far

What was the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?

Checking your mobile phone?

Then, same with me!

Okay, it might be the second thing.
The first thing will be remembering Allah, and be grateful to have a mobile phone – or having special person who said ‘good morning’ or so. What if you don’t have that kinda special person? Go to your parent’s room and ask them saying good morning to you :)))

But, really. My point is mobile phone is already one main needs in our life – and most of us can be mad if we stuck in a place without internet connection.

For me, internet is something that related with my life, 80% of my day is spent in front of the computer – I work as an account manager for an animation studio, and most of my clients are overseas, so I really count on you, dear Internet. When I arrive home, I write or check my blog, and do some other things through Internet.

More, since 5 years ago, I am no longer having TV in my house (or when I lived in the dormitory), so I really depend on Internet to search for information, as well as keep in touch with my friends.

Even my mom and my dad also understand about this. For example, if we want to go somewhere (most likely go to another city), my mom always reminds me to check traffic report on Twitter. What a modern world.

So, no wonder if we see people nowadays attached to their phone. One time, they can laugh at their phone, and seconds they cry or frown.

However, despite the practical – fun – informative side of social media, I believe we live in a real life. We still need real people having real conversation with us. Therefore, my mom and I decided to ignore our mobile phone during breakfast/dinner time, and when we are in the car. We need to respect people’s presence.

Or, it will be happened soon (or it ALREADY happen actually).



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