Monday, September 9, 2013

Brain and Beyond

Some days ago, I had a discussion with my friend on Twitter.
Actually it started when I post a thought from my mom. She found out that I am debating with a friend of mine and he is a guy. Despite the fact that he is just a friend, my mom said “don’t argue with him, he will not marry you then”.

I knew my mom was joking. But I also understand what she meant, that smart woman is never meant to be married with, only for discussion partner. Why? Because smart woman tends to have a bargaining position which will harm the relationship.

Smart woman is stubborn, difficult to pleased, and so on, so forth.

Then a friend of mine commented, “but is it lovely to have a couple who can be our partner in sharing our opinion. No need to feel smarter, but we learn from each other.”

Again, it’s a man’s ego will hold him from doing so.

I know many guys who would love to be with dumb woman, and I got some suggestions from them. So if one day, we – smart women – date one of those guys, we have to pretend that we don’t know anything. We can say “uhh, ohh, really? I don’t know about that, you are really smart, I just knew it from you.” And those guys will be happy :D

Personally I would choose to be the woman who learns everything. It will be good if what I know can help my husband in the future, or I believe somehow it will be useful for my kids. I’m sure that the kids will be proud to have a smart mother rather than a dumb one. 

And luckily, my office mate (who prefer smart woman) said that the guy who doesn't appreciate smart women is not worth to wait. Yay for smart women!

Oh, and I found this…


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