Friday, July 18, 2014

Hi Demi! - A Story about a Little Girl Whom I Met in Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat Train Station

When I collect some photos for my post: “Why I Choose Vietnam”, I suddenly remember that I have a promise to write a post about a little girl whom I met at the tour train in Da Lat.

After visiting the temple, we were going back to Da Lat train station, by train (of course..). I was sitting there, talking with Nhung, until I realize that there's a girl in front of me, practicing some basic sentences in English with her brother. She repeated, “where are you come from?” many times; and while I am sure she doesn't asking me, I look at her and smile.

I couldn't help but started the conversation.
“Nice. How old are you?”
She smiled shyly and sink her face to her brother's arm.

Her brother encouraged her, “hey, she greets you, talk with her” - or something like that, in Vietnamese.
And then she answered, “My age is nine years old.”
I clapped, “really good. Do you want to practice with me?”

She looked at her brother, and he told me, “yes, please. She will have English test on Monday.”
So then I asked her to sit between Nhung and I.

We spent around thirty minutes talking about her hobby, her school, her favorite things; she likes K-pop and she even sang Gwiyomi song. What a very attractive girl.

She didn't even stop when everyone in the coach looking at us.
I didn't stop talking too, neither.

Because she reminds me of myself.

When I was at her age, I have to travel to some cities by myself as I want to catch up with my mom or my dad. There was one time when I feel so bored at the plane, and I start talking and playing card by myself. Then there is an old man who sit besides me, asking politely whether he can join the game. We end up playing cards until we landed – and it makes the stewardesses feeling good because as an unaccompanied minor, I behave nicely.


For a nine years old, she was so confident and I have to appreciate her effort in English-speaking. There are some sentences that she didn't understand, so Nhung had to translate it for her. And there are some silent moments where she tried to response, and end up with "yes", or "no". So funny :)))

So, if you see this post, Demi - read my letter for you below:

Hi Demi,
I am sorry for taking so long to write this. I know I promise you that I will write this maximum one month since our meeting. If you read this, please send me email or write some comment here. It was great meeting you, I believe you will grow up as a cool teenager, and like I said, one day you have to travel around the world! *kisses*

Lots of love,

With Demi
With the Train Captain ^^
With Nhung ;)


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