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#1Hari1Ayat: Grand Mosque, Taipei (Oleh Intan Dzikria)

Western culture as a qibla for Taiwanese made Taiwan become a free country. Free in the meaning of free to act, free to choose their 'open' clothes, free to sex before marriage, free to eat Haram food (mainly pork), free to everything,...except Taiwan is still in the propaganda of being an official country and leave China.

Many Muslims from foreign countries considered twice or more whether want to stay in Taiwan or not, even it is just for holiday. It is because of the minority of Muslims population, Halal food, and place to Shalah. Those are my consideration first when I got Letter of Acceptance in one of the university in Taiwan. I started to look for as many as information about Muslim society in Taiwan.

Alhamdulillah... I have friends who already stayed in Taiwan for study in the same university as me and told me everything I want to know. The first thing I asked them is... "is there any masjid there?"

Taipei Grand Mosque is one of the mosque in Taipei and considered as the biggest mosque in Taiwan. There are only seven mosques in Taiwan and two of them are in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. Even it is the biggest, but it is not as big as Grand Mosque in many cities in Indonesia. But still, I am very grateful. The location is near with my campus. Not really near at first I went there, but now I felt it is near.

In front of the biggest park in Taipei, Da'an Park. Near with NTU and NTUST campus. Transportation are available using Bus, MRT, or YouBike. Taipei Grand Mosque even put in one of the travel destination list by Taiwan's Travelling Brochures that can be found in MRT stations.

This mosque is not only the place for pray, but also the place for Muslim society gather and do something.

Every Friday, not only man will go for Jum'ah praying but also woman will come because Islam is a minority and they want to see their brothers and sisters at least once a week. Every Jum'ah, this mosque is always crowded by Muslims who want to pray. After Jum'ah pray, kids play in front of the mosque while waiting for their parents buy Halal foods in mosque. In this day, many Muslims will sell their Halal foods. Not only cooked food, but also raw goods, like Halal chicken or beef. Because it is hard to find Halal meat in Taiwan. We have to go to specific market to buy it and it is far away from our place. Therefore, it is very convenient to buy Halal meat in every Friday.

Every week, sometimes in Sunday, there are people from any nations come and study Qur'an together. Not only adults but also kids.

It is very peaceful to be in Taipei Grand Mosque. I can meet Taiwanese Muslims, Indonesian Muslims, and other Muslims from any nations. I also can rest while read Qur'an in woman area from my activities in campus. Many friends of mine who are man told me that mosque is the best place for them to rest from "eye conflict". Because, many Taiwanese girls wear open clothes which are very disturbing for boys.

Annualy, Taipei Grand Mosque will held several event, like seminar or even cooking tutorial. Those activities are very interesting because many Muslims are from foreign countries and we are trained to cook Halal Taiwanese food. Sometimes, they also held competitions like speech, calligraphy, etc.

As a students or workers in Taiwan, sometimes we cannot go home when it's time for EidFitr or EidAdha. But we can celebrate those big days together with our big Muslim family in Taiwan. Have a barbeque together, eat together, and study together..peaceful place, isn't it?

Me and my Muslim friends like to have a good day in here.
It is like an Oasis in the dessert of Taiwan.
It is a place where we can rest from our campus activities.
It is a place where we can study together.
It is a place where we can meet other nations and learn their culture.
It is a place where we can find Halal food.

But, especially...

It is a place where we can talk with Allah, pray, and be a good Muslim... insha Allah...


Penulis: Intan Dzikria (@intandzikria)

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