Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 17


Assalamu'alaikum sisters!

I hope you all had a nice weekend, because I had a superb one! :D

Starting on Friday, when I have to accompany mbak Ollie as her LO for Hijab and Dream. We had such great times: visiting Lumpur Lapindo, window shopping at Indah Bordir Sidoarjo, praying at Masjid Agung, checking the venue, having iftaar at Bebek Harissa (yep, the one near my house), and last, dipping some dessert at Zangrandi. Super tired but we had fun! That night, I almost couldn't sleep because I was so excited for the event on Saturday :)))

Saturday was amazing too. Alhamdulillah everything was going well. I also had a chance to talk with mbak Asma Nadia and mbak Hanum Rais. Their positive attitude inspired me a lot. And somehow I am thinking about this blog. Duh, I hope my blog will be improving day by day, and I really wish you get what you need here in this blog – whether it is inspiration, motivation, information, or just silly stories from Primadita' life that you can laugh at, LOL.

Sunday couldn't be better. Once I finished with mbak Ollie, I went to Jogja on Saturday night to meet my aunt. They will be in Lampung for the Eid, and I will be in Lombok; so I want to see her. Life has been so kind too, to meet me with an old friend.. Anyway Dama, two hours were not enough at all. Look forward to the next meetings!!!

So if you wondering why I abandoned #1Hari1Masjid for a while, to be honest, I didn't really have minutes to review the blog posts, edit it as needed, and then published it. Bitter truth is, I am lack of sleep since Tuesday, as I go back and forth to Malang for the Presidential Election.

And in case you care a little, no, it's still not over yet. Still have three (!!!) projects coming up this week. Whoaaa, I can't even think about it. Perhaps I need to hire an assistant, ahahahaha.

But, for a reminder for you (and for myself too), the most important thing now is Ramadhan. We can exchange all the things in the world, but we have a very little opportunity to meet Ramadhan again next year. So, when there are two things come to you, don't choose. Just prioritize Ramadhan and His Ridha.


Pic source


Photos by Mas Ryan, more photos will be uploaded soon! ^^

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  1. what a lucky you. meet three inspiring hijaber women :))


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