Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why World Muslimah Award?

When I finally announce my participation in World Muslimah Award 2014 to my friends and family, some declare their support directly, and some wondering for not knowing what World Muslimah Award is.

I am fully aware that I am not a girl who will be recognized as 'pretty' when people look at me for the first time. And I am fine with that. I didn't grow up to be pretty, though. My mom taught me to be smart, strong, independent, and confident. Allah is fair too, I believe so. I feel like my physical appearance is one of my 'weakness', so He gives me another strength :)

Okay, back to topic, when some of my friends (and my mom' friends) watch my profile video, the first reaction was, "is beauty will be one of the criteria for the judgment?" 

The others, (and thankfully) most of them see other parts of me, like the way I recite Qur'an, my achievements, my skills and interests, and my job experiences.

Oh, some also ask about height and weight, as maybe you know that I am not even 160 cm with a tendency to be 'chubby' :)))

Along with every single support, motivation, and even people' hesitation, I become more confident in this. Not that I am saying that I am confident to be a winner (amin Ya Allah), but I am more convinced in participating in World Muslimah Award, not other contests.

Why is that so?

Here are some reasons, based on my research around the last two years (yep, I do it):
1. The main criteria for the winner are: Sholeha, Smart, and Stylish. See, no beauty mentioned, right? I believe it's not because 'beauty' is not important, but the World Muslimah Foundation wants to emphasize for the true qualities of a muslimah woman. So the most important thing ever is the first one, piousness.
2. The other criteria is having a truly Islamic lifestyle. One of the activities in workshop for finalists is praying Tahajud everyday. I think it's also good because a participant can easily saying that she does it in routine. But when she finally entering the contest and has to prove it day by day in the workshop, the true 'color' will be revealed.
3. The first winner is decided by the votes of the orphans. In the workshop, every finalist will spend a day (CMIIW) with some orphans; to encourage and motivate them. It requires a big heart for a person to touch the orphans' heart, and this, my sister, is not an easy thing to do for people who have no experience in social activity. That's why the participants have to submit photo and video about their social activities. For sure, I tell the story about how blogging has meet me with many great and inspiring young women out there :)

No wonder my mom gives 1000% support for me on this, as she will also disagree if I only care about how my body or my face look like :D

She said to me, "If other moms can be proud of their daughters to be in the catwalk with mini skirts and heavy make up, I am proud of you for doing this. The real winners will be the women who done every good things that they said, continuously, not only for the sake of joining this contest. Remember this, and be tawakkul for every result that you will get."

So look no further, if you think that you can be an inspiration for young muslimahs all around the world, join World Muslimah Award 2014 by registering here

And if you want to support me, please vote here (click the heart below my video). Thank you very berry much!


You can also read more about the life stories 
of the World Muslimah Beauty 2012 winners 
in Hijablicious book, that I reviewed here.


  1. Jadi ngangguk2, pertama kali tahu kamu ikut event ini aku langsung kepikiran, "wah tumben ada peserta yg tidak seperti selebgram." hehe, bukan maksud gimana2, cuma selama ini ngerasa ada kompetisi muslimah kebanyakan cuma soal fisik aja. Tapi kamu beda. Setelah lihat videomu makin kagum. Semangat terus kak Prima. Meskipun aku nggak ikut ngirim foto yang support km beberapa waktu lalu, tapi aku mendukungmu :))

    1. Halo Erny, terima kasih atas semangat dan dukungannya, it means a lot to me :)
      Iyaaa soalnya waktu itu ada deadline buat register videonya, hehehe.

  2. Ya ini prima yg aku kenal selama ini... semangat prim, yg dulu pernah aku katakan, online vote n big50 itu cuma pemanasan, perjuangan sesungguhnya pas 20 besar. Gud luck ya prim, do your best :)


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