Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will You?

So tomorrow is mid week (hang on soldiers, weekend is still far far away), and to make you cheer up, I would like to share some mood booster songs.

Some days ago, the idea of a wedding proposal came and stuck in my mind. Yes, I’ve been wanting it for years (#kode), but no, I still haven’t found the right man yet T.T

The idea of a wedding proposal here in Indonesia – unfortunately – is still uncommon one. Since the marriage widely known as one big event for the family, surely wedding proposal is also included. Most of my closest friends passed these ‘normal’ phase for a proposal: the couple discuss about their plan, the man talk to the woman’s father, and then the man’s family meets the woman’s family.

Yes. There is no such a beautiful proposal as shown in Mashable here. It’s just a dream for (most of) Indonesian women.

But, dream is still a dream, and somehow it may comes true, right? :)

So, I made a list of Top 5 Proposal Songs based on my opinion (sure thing, whose blog is it? :P). In case you are my charming prince with that white horse a black Jaguar S-Type, please pay attention to these beautiful songs. Still there’s a chance for me to not accepting your proposal *HAHA* but hey, who doesn’t love romantic songs?

1. Maliq & D’ Essentials – Pilihanku
I AM Indonesian and still pay high respect for Indonesian musicians, and this is one of them.
Hear their lyrics..

Maukah kau tuk menjadi pilihanku – Would you be the one that I choose
Menjadi yang terakhir dalam hidupku – The last person in my life
Maukah kau tuk menjadi yang pertama – Would you be the first…
Yang selalu ada di saat pagi ku membuka mata – …thing that I see when I open my eyes in the morning

2. Glenn Fredly – Kisah Romantis
The tune is also very catchy and fun. It’s like the man saying, “Babe, our marriage will be a fun one, I promise!” 

Dan dengarlah sayangku – Sweetheart, listen to me
Aku mohon kau menikah denganku – I beg you to marry me
Ya hiduplah dengan ku – Stay with me
Berbagi kisah hidup berdua – Create our story together

3. K. Will – Gift
It’s difficult to choose which part of the song is the sweetest, because every line is very very sweet.
But if I have to choose *why oh why you have to force meee* I will choose this one:
Now I know that you’re the biggest gift of my life

‘Cause yes, you are.. :)

4. Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
You know what, while writing this post, I also make a brief research about what kind of ‘ideal’ thing that discussed in romantic stuffs among countries.

Perhaps Asian – in this case Korean – are a little bit ahead than others.

This handsome actor wants not just one but TWO babies from his wife (candidate). Okay.

...have a baby that looks like me, a baby that looks like you

5. Blue - Best In Me
'Cause when a person truly loves us, he/she will make us fight to be a better person. 

Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side, and that's why I love you

So, what’s your favorite song that you think might be good for a proposal song?


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