Thursday, October 3, 2013

Before Blowing Out the Candle

Less than 10 days left for being a 24 y.o woman..
Surprisingly, I want to be a 25 y.o woman soon.
I’m not scared, or feel anxious.
(I personally think the time has stopped ticking since I was 23. No specific reason, I just think 23 is awesome – not too old and not too young thou)

Now I realize that being old grown up is something that we can’t stop.
It’s natural. It’s our fate.
And it can be fun.

On my birthday last year, I really really want to get married soon.
Perhaps it was because my best friends are starting to leave me getting married one by one, and I feel like I’m alone here.

But then, I watched Big Bang Concert and feel grateful for being single.
For the chance of enjoying life. For the chance of catching my dreams.
For everything I can do while I’m single.

One year almost gone, and when some months ago I saw this…

…I think deeply and seeing myself in front of the mirror.

Do I have fight hard enough to prove that I am doing my best?

I know that I shouldn’t compare myself with others, but the 25 y.o me, is it any better than the 24 y.o me? If no, then it’s a big loss for me, right?

That’s why I start dreaming again, as well as making the plan to achieve it.

I will be a better person, and the only thing that can be used as a measure is, whether what I’m doing bringing me closer to Allah.

I hope He always leads me.

Lots of love,

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