Sunday, June 22, 2014

World Cup, for All

I still remember my first meeting with Coach Timo Scheunemann (@coachtimo). He was the Coach of Persema Malang FC, the football club where I write my minor thesis research about.

It was a sunny day, around 4PM, where the players is on their training.

He greeted me and said, “welcome.”

Before he asked his assistant to show me around, he told me, “football is a universal language. You see, Han (the Korean player) can just play around with Kamri (the Indonesian player).

And that was how I fell in love (again) with football.

Back in my junior high school times, I once got mad at my mom because I can't play football. I spent many times with the boys in my class, discussing about the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan. I knew since the very beginning that football is more than just handsome players, or twenty vacant men chasing of one ball in ninety minutes – it's all about the energy that shared in the match. And of course, the passion.

After the 2002 World Cup – I couldn't stop thinking and talking about Spain and Real Madrid. There was one time when I participate in World Scout Jamboree in Thailand, I met some Spanish scouts and we end up criticizing the teams' performance. For me, especially Raul Gonzales and Iker Casillas, they play beautifully. They were really on fire when they are on the field, and this feeling when I watch them was unexplainable.

No wonder I am really really sad that Spain can't make it in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Terrible, Casillas. And Del Bosque. *cry again

Speaking about World Cup, some weeks ago, I saw the commercial from Coca Cola above and I was trembling. Football is indeed for all. By saying all, really means all. Rich, poor, men, women, South American, European, Australian, Asian. All.

“There are times when I feel tired in running, it's see the score board and you realize that there is no chance to see the game. But then I see the spectators. Some of them, I know, are bus drivers, labors, merchants; but they managed their money to buy the ticket and watch the match. Suddenly I have the energy to run again..”

Mamoun, the Persema midfielder who once played for Al-Arabi and Al-Shabab in UAE, told me in one interview.

I fully aware and realize with his opinion. Especially in Indonesia, where we can easily see people play football everywhere. The streets, poor-condition field near their farms, school-field. Football is a part of our life.

Part of my life.

That's why I feel like it's unfair to judge Qatar even before the investigation result comes out. Too many 'intelligent' people who thinking that Qatar can't hold the World Cup.

Every country deserves to hold the World Cup.

Even Indonesia does, although I have to honestly admit that even though we might can fight for it, I don't see the possibility for it in around twenty years ahead.

No one, I said, no one can tell Qatar what they should or shouldn't do.

As long as they won the bid fairly, they have the right to host the World Cup.
Because after all, this is the world's cup.


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The call-to-action is "Piala Dunia, Untuk Semua" which literally means, "World Cup, for all."

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