Monday, June 9, 2014

Autumn and the Blue Water

That's my sister at the back - yes, we picked her up at school and going here..
his expression, though... *jitak*

I stumbled upon these pictures in my sister's laptop.
The pictures taken almost a year ago, I remember clearly it was Syawal and I was having my sunnah fasting, so mind my dry lips. Haha.

It was a family holiday, and we stayed at Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel.
The best part of it (and the reason why we go there), is we had half of the expense covered! Woohoo. I got a voucher when I attend Hard Rock FM Surabaya' birthday back in June. As I have free one night stay (for one room, of course); my dad only needs to pay the rests.

The hotel was nice, although I was a little bit shocked with the weather.
Pacet once well known for its fresh weather but when I was there, it was hot; slightly better than Surabaya but still...
We arrived at around 4PM, so my sisters and brother rush into the swimming pool.

Unfortunately we hardly find something for dinner. At first I had my iftaar at hotel and the food is nice (I ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu); but as usual, it is pricey. So my family decided to go outside the hotel, and there was limited choices. We finally came to a new restaurant – they don't even have their launching yet. No need to explain the restaurant because it was disappointing.

However, after all, it's all about the family holiday. After buying some snacks in the nearest mini market, my sister accompanied me for swimming (yes, I swim at night!). I swam for around 30 minutes, but sadly there is no enough lamps at the swimming pool. The reason it was not too creepy is because there was an office dinner in the hotel' restaurant besides the pool. They have karaoke so it was a little bit noisy.

I really miss having such quality time with my family, especially my dad's family. I realize that as we grow up separately, my siblings and I don't really have bonding between each other. I just hope they proud of me, because I love them so much.

I also hope we can have another holiday this year (before my departure to Qatar, amiiin). My dad mentioned that he wants to bring us to Jogja; because the last time we were there, it was for my uncle' funeral. My eldest sister also have graduated from high school so it's time for a little party :)

What about you? What's your idea for a family holiday?

Lots of love,

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