Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday and Start Fighting Again

Good morning, and I wish you all a great week ahead! ^^/

I hope you haven't get bored yet in reading my posts about how I dreaming of working for Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (the 2022 World Cup in Qatar) :p

But the quote above represents what I really feel about this. Around one month ago when I send my application to the Recruitment Department, I have promised myself to not stop before I reach the 'Z' letter. Yes, I have a list from A to Z of what I need to do to make me closer with my goal. Literally A to Z. Honestly, the list contains sending my video resume to all of online newspapers in Qatar. MAYBE they will help spreading the news, saying 'hey, look at this girl who is on fire about working for Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, you should give her a chance'. Or maybe not. But, the decision is not in my hands. My focus now is how making more people (in Qatar specifically) talking about my video. So... anyone is kind enough to help me sharing the video? Check here to see the video ;)

At the moment, I have only reached 'M' letter, so still a HALF way to go.  Fiuh.

This, is something that I can tell you, my lovely readers. If you dream about something, make sure you give 1000% of your efforts. A dream is a dream, you're the one and only person who has to wake up and make it comes true.

Because of what?

Someday you'll be regretting what you don't do, so don't leave yourself hanging on a string, wondering have you make the most of your effort.

Keep calm and fight for your dreams!

Lots of love,

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