Friday, September 12, 2014

Top 5 Most Memorable Books (+ Comic)

One of my blogger friend, Hesti (@hzboy) is an avid bookworm. Since I know her, I feel ashamed for my reading frequency. I started to improve it around mid last year, and it's getting better now. I hope I can read more books in the near future. Thank you for reminding me, Hesti :)

I enjoy reading her book blog, and while I don't have one, I would love to share my thoughts about book and reading. Just like I promise in this post, I wish I can write more book reviews, at least once a month. Now, as I inspired by her blog post, I would like to write my own Top 5 Most Memorable Books.

I know Hesti wrote 10, however as I don't read a lot, I don't remember much about the books that I have read. So please let me give you 5 only, okay..

  1. Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg
    I once wrote a short post about this book, and actually I want to make a review for every chapter. Wow, every chapter? Yep, because one review will be too long – or maybe it will not called review but book summary, LOL. 
    I bought this book to spend my Malaysian Ringgit in Johor Bahru Airport. Long before that, I have planned to buy the book in Periplus when I was in Indonesia, but I didn't know why I forgot to do that.
    The book is incredibly amazing. And I wish my husband candidate willing to spend some times to read it too, so he can understand what's on my mind :)

  2. Desperate in Dubai – Ameera Al Hakawati
    I also have written about this book here. I only need like two flights to finish the book, and I left speechless. This book might be a little bit confusing with four main characters. But it has many good lessons for life. One of the most important lesson is, never ever keep your hatred. We just never know if we can destroy a person's life when we decide to pay revenge. Nah, it brings something else then. Always, always, doing good.

  3. Halaqah Cinta- @teladanrasul
    I read this book A LOT. Like really, a lot. This book has some to-do list at the end of every chapter, and I believe that the purpose of self-improvement is not only for getting husband/wife, but for seeking Allah' ridha. 

  4. Pansy Comics
    My mom brought it for me as the prize when I get first rank, maybe at my second or third grade in elementary school. This book motivated me to play piano, and somehow I remember that I once want to be a researcher who lives in the jungle. Ha :)))

  5. Gege Mengejar Cinta – Adhitya Mulya
    I wanted to put Sabtu Bersama Bapak that I wrote here, but then I think this book is more memorable for me. You know why? Because, I haven't got the answer 'til now. Which one will you choose: somebody who loves you, or somebody who you love?
    Let the time answer it for me ;)

So there you go, what's yours? :)



  1. penasaran gege mengejar cinta deh mbak...

  2. KOMIK-nya!
    I Also Love Pansy (at that time) :))
    Salam kenal (^ ^,)


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