Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Weekend, Great Friends

So, these are some things that occupied my mind last week:

  1. Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014' preparation (I will be joining volunteer team as an MC, yay!)
  2. Annual office holiday at Bandung in October
  3. Some paperworks for scholarship and master degree application (oh yes, I am so serious about getting back to school next year)
  4. Two upcoming blogging project (what what)
  5. Another big not-so-secret project (because I have been brainstorming with some people, and they interested in supporting me!)
  6. …World Muslimah Award 2014 (have you voted me for The Most Inspiring Video? Super thanks! :))

That's why when my mom said, “I think you need a getaway”, I jumped to the first train on Saturday morning, and Yogyakarta, I'm coming! :D

Turned out, it was one of the best weekend in this year. Thank you friendsss!

I started by having lunch with my cousin in Koki Joni, next to my aunt's office at MAP FISIPOL UGM. I had Classic Carbonara (Penne) and iced lychee tea. The place is nice, but a little bit hot for a warm afternoon.

I moved to Rumah Coklat in Jl. Cik Di Tiro to meet my blogger friend, Rosa (@Rosa_AlRosyid). She brought two friends, Yuni and Isti – and even though we were only four, our noise could defeats a group of choir, I guess, LOL.

After little chit-chat and praying ashr in Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah, we went to Benteng Vredeburg where I meet another new friend. Ignatia will also become a volunteer in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) 2014, and she will be in charged for Green Room (only God knows what is this). We both are so excited for UWRF and somehow we wish next week is already the date. Hahaha.

The sunset has come, the girls praying maghrib near Beringharjo market, and then we continued our Saturday night party (hmmm). Skipped the story about what happened in the night, sorry it's my promise to the girls to keep the secret (:p) - but to summarize...I had an amazing Saturday!

The night hasn't over yet. After waiting for Stefy in Condongcatur bus station for around fifteen minutes, my cousin picked us up and no, we didn't get to sleep soon. We talked and when we realize it's already 1AM, we rush to sleep as Sunday' adventure is waiting :D

8.30AM; me, Stefy, Ekky, Dika, Linda, and Nuy going to Ullen Sentalu museum, which is mystically beautiful. We can't take photos inside the museum, but we are allowed to take pictures after the tour is finished. It was 'pecaaah' (you know..), especially because I went with a bunch of photographers who also love to be photographed (aka narcissist). 

Photo by Nuy ;)
With Mbak Ambar (blue batik shirt), the tour guide. Photo by Dhika' tongsis :p

Stefy (@vstefyvs), Ekky (@ekky_akbar), Dika (@awiradilaga), Linda (@onlyndaa), and Nuy (@nuyree) are members of Random Jogja. It's a long story but in short, they are blessed with ah-mah-zing visual skill. Just check their Instagram and you'll understand what I am talking about :)

After making the security in Ullen Sentalu getting headache for our hustle (maaf Pak..), we were heading to Raminten. Very great lunch, we spent 2 hours here. The service takes a very long time (oh no), but the ambiance makes us forget about it. This was the sequences: talk-joke-laugh-little sleep-talk-joke-laugh-repeat.. All just stopped for a while when the food came, because we were so starving – so we were busy with our food.

Nah.. after Raminten, we wanted to catch the sunset in Candi Ijo, unfortunately there was a trouble with Ekky' motorcycle and we have to take a break.. and there we go, we missed the sunset :(

But Allah has exchanged it with a better stuff!

Tired, sweaty, and thirsty – we decided to sip a cup of coffee (them, not me, I had Strawberrry Mojito instead) in a coffee shop on our way home, behind UPN Yogyakarta - near Budi Mulia Dua School Seturan. Its name is Warung Bardiman (@WarkopBardiman). And you know what.. The owner treated us! We don't have to pay everything we ordered. The secret? Haha, no secret. Stefy just opened a discussion about coffee and the culture of coffee-drinking in Indonesia with the owner. We even talked a lot with Mas Deny, matur nuwun mas! :)))

From left: Ekky, Linda, Nuy, Stefy, Dika, me. Photo by timer and tripod :p

That's all for my super getaway. More photos will be published in the upcoming blog post. So, stay tune and have a nice week ahead fellas!

Lots of love,


  1. Seru banget mbak. Kapan kita kopdar yaaaa hehehe

    1. Hayuk, mau bikin kopdar Surabaya-Sidoarjo gitu, hihihi.

  2. :D
    Weekend paling luaaarrrr biasaaaaa :))))

  3. Masih di Jogja mbak? Nanti malam kebetulan ada penutupan FKY 26 di Plasa Ngasem Tamansari. Monggo mampir mbak^^

    1. engga Bariii, udah kembali kerja.
      Semoga next year bisa menikmati FKY, amin ;)

  4. You have a great weekend, Sist! Aak, senengnya bisa kopdar sama temen blogger. ^^


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