Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am not really sure what I am feeling right now but I don't feel like completing my posts and then publishing it on the blog.

Maybe I get bored with blogging?

Tapi mudah-mudahan sih bukan jenuh nge-blog. Kalau mau dibilang, ini gara-gara kemarin heboh pingin punya domain. Memang sudah sempat terlaksana sebentar, terus langkah selanjutnya mau bikin email yang pakai nama domain tersebut, nah entah apa yang diutak-atik, blog sama email-nya ga jalan. Stuck nyari tutorialnya di internet, ngerepotin orang sana-sini, well.. mungkin memang saatnya rehat dari keribetan tersebut. After all, walaupun namanya 'cuma' blogspot, yang penting kualitas kontennya kan?

*lalu sadar kalau post ini tidak berkualitas :))

Anyway, I am preparing myself for something really really big. Much bigger than my traveling plan to Vietnam (oh my.. it's less than 40 days from now!). And I can't help but anxious.

Despite all the hard works and my thoughts that I have been focusing on this plan, I came at one point where I don't really care about the result. Because of what? Because I do believe Allah knows what's best. But, as a human, I am glad to see myself pushing the limit – the thought of going out from my comfort zone amused me :)

Regarding the process that takes a lot of time, it does teach me about patience. Many times I fell on silence and take a deep breath, reminding myself that even though I really really really want this to be happened soon, Allah is preparing me so when the time comes, I am ready to go.

So, once again, I am happy that I am trying this. I don't know what's in front of me, but what I know is, I will regret it if I don't try :)

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  1. Sukses selalu kak... moga diberi kemudahan dan kelancaran oleh Allah *I pray :))


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