Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home Dream Home


So actually, I have planned to write this around early February, but I neglected it because...I was busy *that lame excuse again..
But, when I get the latest GoGirl! which promotes decor issue and made a special article titled "Celebrities Stylish & Decorative Room", I am so excited and I want to share you the idea of my dream house.

The cover is just beyond words! Thumbs up, GoGirl!

1. The main living room with big window
Seems like having this is not really ideal for Surabaya, but we can fix the hot weather with adding some big trees in the yard, am I right?
Why this? Because I want to make sure that the house lighting will be as efficient as possible. Electricity bill might kill you, you know..

2. The secondary living room with a very cozy sofa and colorful wall art
This living room will be for my best friends, maybe we want to do arisan or anything. Cat as an addition will be appreciated, too :p

3. The 'World Map' wall sticker

I already have it! But still too lazy to stick it on the wall. Yes, it should be in my working room, to keep reminding me that the world is waiting to be explored.

4. The cozy bedroom

As I am still single (at the moment..), and I sleep like a dead woman, I don't usually ruffled my bed. So a single size bed will be enough. But I always love cushions and pillows, at the moment I have 3 (!) pillows and 2 (!) bolsters on my bed – and yes, only for me. Oh, don't forget the window, my bedroom supposed to be exposed by the light all day long (and just need to add some curtains for this).

5. The big bathroom
Same principle with my bedroom, we need to have enough light to keep the bathroom' hygiene. And a big one please, because I don't feel like pampering myself in a tiny bathroom. 

6. The library
Should I explain?

6. The large kitchen
Though I can't cook (yet), a big and sophisticated kitchen is every woman's dream, RIGHTTT??? Like the main living room, it should has many windows so the dishes' smell don't get into the house (which, I hate).

7. The outdoor swimming pool
While the Crown Prince of Dubai seems like have an indoor swimming pool (not really sure though, but we can see it on his Instagram) – I prefer an outdoor one. I would love to swim in the night, while seeing the sky fulled with stars :p

8. The closet
No I don't have that MANY shoes or clothes – because I believe in minimalism. After all, we only have two feet, why do we have to have hundreds of shoes? *ehem*
However, just like a kitchen, a closet might not that important for me, but being neat is a good thing. It makes us easier in finding an outfit of the day – not like now, I always wear anything that caught my eyes first. Haha.

9. Mushola
This is also a must-have for me, so we can pray more khusyu'. I think it has to be enough for 4 persons at least (for dad, mum, me, one of my sister).

I think that's all for now, my dream house *checking my bank account*

I might develop you more when I have more money – a wide backyard, maybe? A small house for the cat family.. A big garage where I can park my black Jaguar, yellow Camaro, and the bla and the bli..

Ah, human is hard to be satisfied.

Okay then, I have to get back to the reality and work my a** off so I can meet you soon, my dream house~

Lots of love,
Your owner

*Interested in buying GoGirl! or other magazines? You can order it at @BukuKuStore ^^*



  1. mbak , beberapa foto ijin save ya ..... Tq

  2. apik tenan rumahnya :D
    budget nyelesain rumah sama perabotannya brapa yaa hahaha, saya jadi puyeng sendiri mba


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