Monday, February 3, 2014

#30HariMenulisSuratCinta: I Let You Go

Hey Prima,

Take a deep breath.
Everything is going to be alright.
It’s not your life, it’s her.
All you can do now is just pray for God will protect her.
Like you always said, as long as she is happy, you’ll be happy.

Let her go.
She understands the consequences, yet she still decided to step in.
And you, you will find your own way.
Life goes on, and sooner or later she and you will be moving forward.
So why worry because it is happening now?

Perhaps you are afraid because she is nervous, hey it’s understandable.
Both of you have been hurt so long, right.
It’s just…she believes in God – I’m sorry – more than you.
That’s why she finally opens her heart again.

Once again, let her go.
This is what God has made for her.
You will get your own happiness too, soon.

Let her go.

Look, she is smiling, it’s precious and priceless.
She will be happy, I promise you.

Let her go.



--- happy wedding, Mama. Barakallahu lakum wa barakallahu ‘alaikum.
Aku percaya Allah akan selalu menjaga mama, dan semoga Abi bisa membantu mengubah persepsiku tentang laki-laki dan pernikahan.

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