Sunday, March 5, 2017

Music Challenge: Summertime [SISTAR - Loving U, I Swear, Shake It]

Guess where I am right now? Yes, I am at the uni library. Right, on SUNDAY MORNING. I couldn’t work on my thsesis yesterday as I felt a bit headache and also heat stroke, although I spent all day long inside the house. I took medicine last night and I woke up feeling better, so why not celebrating this sunny day in the library?

It suits with today’s music challenge theme: summertime! I know, I know. Indonesians have to be grateful to be exposed with sun all year long – even in the raining season starts in November until now. I also know that because of the global warming, rain might just fall suddenly in the middle of June. And let’s not forget that in transition times between seasons, the weather is sooo bad your body might feel unwell (but I think it happens everywhere in the world). However, summertime always something that warmly greeted by many many people in other countries. Unexceptionally in Korea.

People say that SISTAR has been number 1 summer hit-maker. I don’t know since when, but most of their singles will be released close to summer. They also consider it carefully in terms of making the music video. They have these super energetic dances, colorful background, and fascinating scenes. No wonder myself almost wait for the summer after watching their music videos. Yeah, almost. Because I don’t fill my summertime with only sing, dance, and swim in the pool.

Sorry I can’t write much today, my hands are still trembling but I do the best I can to revise my thesis. Oh, I also want you to know that writing posts for music challenge has been entertaining me so much, it gives me pleasure and happiness. Hmm, or maybe it’s because I haven’t reached any mellow themes yet. Haha. Well then, have a nice Sunday!


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