Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Music Challenge: Song with a Color in the Title [Big Bang - Blue]

Oh my God, it’s March already and I haven’t done my research yet!!!
This week I was about to punish myself and not going outside the house if I don’t make any progress. Unluckily, my cousin use the library at home for English private course so I have to pick other place. I chose to go to library at university because if I come early, I can have a nice seat. Like what I am having now, I have my own private learning room where I can sleep type peacefully.

One of the benefits to work at the uni library is, I get the access for high-speed Internet connection. However, nowadays even the students have limits which is 5GB/person. Most probably there are students use the campus Internet to download Korean drama. Me? I don't, I can just copy movies from the nearest Internet cafes, it’s faster and more convenient. LOL.

Anyway, when I work at the uni, I like listening to YouTube videos because it has autoplay so it will recommend any good songs. Also, I don’t save songs on my laptop, there is no specific reason, I just prefer to not listening anything when I work at home (or radio/Channel V are okay). That’s why I count on YouTube videos to give me update about the most ‘hit’ songs lately.

However, most likely I just choose to replay some songs over and over again. When I saw the 30 Days Music Challenge on Twitter, I thought why don’t I write such thing on my blog. But 30 days are too long for me, I can’t even commit to write two posts a week. So I shorten it up and pick 15 themes that I am gonna write. Don’t worry, I will give you more than one song on my post if I can really think of the songs.

For the first post which is today, I have to post “a song with a color in the title”. I automatically think about ‘Blue’ by Big Bang. Now that I write it, I wonder why when you are sad, you said “I’m feeling blue”? When I googled it, I found this answer from Quora (validity can’t be guaranteed):
The use of blue to mean “sad” dates from the late 1300s. There are many references as to where this expression came from some being:

This is because blue was related to rain, or storms, and in Greek mythology, the god Zeus would make rain when he was sad (crying), and a storm when he was angry. Kyanos was a name used in Ancient Greek to refer to dark blue tile (in English it means blue-green or cyan).

The phrase "feeling blue" is linked also to a custom among many old deepwater sailing ships. If the ship lost the captain or any of the officers during its voyage, she would fly blue flags and have a blue band painted along her entire hull when returning to home port.

Even though you don’t speak Korean (neither do I), you will get the meaning behind the song if you watch the original music video. It talks about the separation, devastation after it, and how faith on love can’t be restored that easy. Below is some translation from the lyrics.

I feel like my heart has stopped beating
You and I, frozen there, after a war
Trauma, that has been carved in my head
Once these tears dry up, I will moistly remember my love
I’m neither painful nor lonely
Happiness is all self-talk
I can’t stand something more complicated
It’s no big deal, I don’t care
Inevitable wandering, people come and go

Okay then, I will leave you feeling ‘Blue’ with Big Bang now. To give you a bit entertainment, I also show you the performance version. Have a great day and see you on Saturday!

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