Friday, March 3, 2017

Music Challenge: Song with Number in the Title [K.Will - Day 1]

Second post for Music Challenge, and you know what, I am already at the uni library. Speaking of high-speed WiFi connection so that I can watch any documentaries and Lion’ trailer..... Dev Patel, kalau buah kamu ini semakin matang ya, sukak deh lihatnya, hihihi.

Theme for today is “a song with number in the title”, and my mind went straight to ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ by Lee Hi. But I will save Lee Hi for another theme so I chose Day 1 by K.Will.

I love ALL K.Will songs, it’s no secret. Especially because most of his music videos are very cute I just can’t!!! But specifically, listening to this song which its music video was released in 25 June 2014 makes me feel warm. It almost remind me to my crush – almost. If I am not mistaken, when I listened to the song for the first time, I didn’t have any crush. Jadi gemes gitu, pingin ngebayangin siapa, ya sudah Pangeran Dubai aja deh :)))

As usual, K.Will shows a lot of admiration to his lady through this song. The lyrics also represent a man who feels shy, as he got a crush on a woman who deserves more than him, but he really wants to fight for her. Ladies, you should get a man who can adore you like K.Will. If this man can’t sing or make a song, make sure he does as shown below. 


Then, ‘Day 1’ refers to the first day of their relationship. Well, I think in Korea and Indonesia are same, relationship should be official with the question popped up by the man, “do you want to be my girlfriend?” and an answer, “YES! YES! YES! I do!” Sorry, the woman here is quite emotional :p

Of all the ugly guys
I’m the best looking
What do I have to do to let you know how I feel?
Thinking of you drives me crazy

So I’m not that handsome
but I think I look cute when I smile
I’ll do better than all the guys out there, my love
I love you

Close your eyes and count to three
Now open and tell me what you see
Nothing? You don’t see your man?
It’s day 1 from today

I’ve never said that before
You’re my lady you’re my baby
But really, I’m not kidding
From today, from now
Will you be mine, baby

Btw, not too long after I saw the original music video, I also watched him perform the song in a music show. Although the coreography is a bit too cheesy (hmmm), but I like the part when he dance with a girl. It’s really nice. So now, let me continue my thesis and please enjoy K.Will – Day 1 (and have a nice weekend!).

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