Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Love and Commitment

In my dad' 21 years of marriage, I learned that love gives strength in bad times while commitment gives limitation in good times.

When I tried to put myself in my stepmother' shoes, I was doubtful myself can handle it. We might not have lovely relationship like Ashanty-Aurel, but all I have for her is huge respect. She has proved that she is always be there for my dad. And even better because she doesn't like talking (yeah, unlike me), action really speak louder than words.

My dad's works have been upside down in ways no one can imagine. But there she is, stand still like a rock. My dad rarely share stories but when he does, he always complimented her. I almost wish to be like her, her patience and her understanding inspire me. Funny thing is, I also see romance is in the air whenever they are together. They laugh for jokes that I can’t comprehend. They talk about many things I don’t know (in my defense it’s because I don’t live with them). True that many problem arise and sometimes situation become a little bit intense. But at the end of the day, they seek for ways to forget and solve the problem together.  

I also have seen how my dad always prioritize family above everything. When he has something, it’s the kids who got more. His ‘extracurricular’ activities are go to mosque and recite Qur’an which I really grateful. To see him, I feel pity on husbands who cheat on their wives just because they have so-called a lot of money. You don’t know how it can break your wife’s heart in pieces, knowing that someone who is always in her prayer do that and still coming home like nothing happen.

Until some years ago, I still wonder why it’s not my mother who is beside my dad. Why it has to be somebody else. But perhaps, its’ just the way that Allah wants me to learn. Finally.   

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