Friday, May 16, 2014

Take the Lead

"...please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren't afraid? And then go do it."

I currently reading this book, and my body trembling while finishing every chapter.
It's not a secret that I want to chase my dream, in this case, being a career woman.

I put my job, 'improving my skill', and 'searching for those opportunities that I have been dreaming for long time' as my priorities - maybe much more than 'looking for a husband'. 

I remembered one time after we broke up, my ex-boyfriend told me, "why do you have to try controlling at everything?"
Well.. I think I am good at leading, and my college mates said so. 

And this, haunted me for years.
If I am good at this and that - which are not fit in public' expectation, am I wrong?
Am I wrong because I am a woman AND willing to lead?

We, women, have been confined in these things called standardization.
We were happily to do so. Most of us still are.

Some of us not.
Some of us really want to step out of the box, want to learn balancing between work and personal life (or maybe family), and want to share their stories so more women can joining the club.

But I do understand that some of us really really afraid.
To not getting married at 'the right time', to be known as a rebel, etc.

These stamps hurt.

So this book heals my pain.

Sheryl is a good example of how a woman can keeps improving. She is a great example because she failed at many times. When I write this, a thought came in my mind: if she - a COO of Facebook - were insecure because of her achievements, how come I become so confident with what I am having now? Hahahahaha.

Reading her writing make me feel like...this is a figure that I want to turn myself into in the future. 
Tell me how many of you who don't have Facebook? I assume your parents also have it too ;)

I don't want to give empty words when I say I want to change the world.
Now I am in the process of searching for the right pond to swim in.
Sheryl helps me through this book, and I hope it helps you too :)


Don't forget to check out her talk in TEDx below! ;)

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