Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happiness Project: My Aunt is Off to Munich

Sunday, Monday, and today is already Tuesday! Not that I don’t think about the happiness project but I was so lazy to write it down. Meh. So, as this is the third day since Saturday, I should have three reasons of happiness. Those are:
1. My Aunt
2. My Job
3. Other People’ Job

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I chose to take some rest on Sunday because I have worked hard on last Saturday. What did I do? I re-watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Until now, I can think hardly of me being the Harry Potter who has to look for horcruxes. I mean, oh boy, that task ain’t easy at all. Even for a 17 years old wizard. But it’s not what makes me feel grateful. 

I feel so lucky to have my aunt who I’m living with, here in Yogyakarta. Not like Harry’s aunt, my aunt is really nurturing and always proud of my achievements. The fact that I am stuck in my thesis writing (hmmm, she doesn’t know it actually) doesn’t make her care about me less. She motivated me with other ways I almost think she will dispel me. Lol. 

That Sunday, she departures to Munich for a conference. Although I have no plan (…yet) to be a lecturer like her, I wish I will be a teacher someday. Maybe I don’t have to be an official teacher in an official institution. However, my aunt always reminds me to make our time the most, for the sake of other people’s lives. To help uneducated and poor people finding their ways to have a better life. And that’s where I’m heading to. 

Second reason that starting sounds cliché now is my job. It doesn’t requires me to commute anywhere. In the other side, it makes me feel like being an anak rumahan much more. I always been, and this kind of job makes me even lazier to go out. Haha.

The challenge is when people don’t think that you are working. It looks like you are just typing and ‘playing’ with your laptop, right? I also have that kind of thoughts haunting me. Do you really make money? Do you have to make a report for your boss? Do you have a team to lead? Trust me, I am juggling myself between all those responsibilities. So the next challenge is time management. If I don’t manage my time well (and seems like I haven’t done it right), I will feel like I work 24 hours. Lucky me, writing is not that difficult for me. Ciehhh. I think I am living my dream. I once wrote that I want to be a feature writer who works from home, and look at me now! Alhamdulillah. 

The happiness project slapped me today as we are having some handyman (…tukang, actually) renovating our house. They work happily even though I am sure I got paid much more than them. They also work a lot harder than me. So, having my job and compare it to them… The ‘difficulty’ is nothing. 

I think that’s all for today. Hopefully I can make more time to list all the reasons of happiness for tomorrow. But now, I have to catch my thesis advisor to consult on my title. Thankfully I had a productive morning; I have finished editing some of my team’s writing. What about you?

Lots of love,

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