Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happiness Project: an Email from Chicago

There were a lot of good news today! Alhamdulillah. Which one should I tell first? :)

In the morning, my dad told me that my only brother got accepted in STAN. Wow, that’s so prestigious! I am proud of him as I saw myself that he studied very very hard. He usually comes home at night after courses. Sometimes he still makes time to help her mother delivering pizza. I can see he will grow as a good man insyaAllah, and perhaps there will be many girls attracted to him. Hmmm, they should pass the selection process held by me! Lol.

My two offices (yeah, in case you don’t know, I work for TWO companies) are planning some campaigns and we have meeting on WhatsApp all day long. So far, the results are beyond our expectation. However, I still can’t jump in as I have some responsibilities to do too on my side. But never mind, I feel blessed to be able to work with great people. I send support and prayer from Jogja!

In the afternoon, as I was waiting for Anja, my partner in crime speaking Korean, I received an email that makes me feel motivated. My Seonsaengnim said, there is no fast track in learning foreign language. Practice, practice, practice is the only key. Unfortunately, I can’t practice my Korean with people at home. Once I read my Korean book and said ‘haraboji’, then my aunt screamed ‘I know what it means...Father. Right?’ ‘Hmmm, aunt, it’s actually grandfather. Close enough.’ *big grin* 

Anyway, this email is from Addison. Who is she? Please read here and here to get to know her. Long story short, she converted around two years ago after found my blog. Not that I was the only reason for her to do so – we all know that Allah is the One who gives hidayah to somebody. But suddenly, I got reminded why I start my blog at the first time. I recalled of my purpose in writing, or even my life goals. I want to make every single second means da’wah. I want da’wah to be ‘fun’. I want every youth Muslim understands that the best da’wah is ‘only’ about behavior. Preach still needed, sometimes, but as Rasulullah also does the thing: be the best example. Be the light for the world. Be rahmatan lil ‘alamin

I have to be honest that since World Muslimah Award, I feel it was the ‘peak’ of my achievements in blogging. I will never be a fashion/make up blogger (at least not in this year) therefore I might not be a so-called influencer. I am not that famous on Instagram, Twitter, and so on. After getting the title, I almost feel like I drowned into laziness. I have to find another mountain to climb. I have to find another award to be accomplished. If there is no appreciation like that, I don't want to write anymore... I forgot one thing: I write for myself. Yeah, maybe I write for my readers, but on top of that, I have to stay true to myself. And that is what my blog is all about. 

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If that’s the case: to keep writing honestly and sincerely, I hope someday there will be more ‘Addison’ to read my blog and befriend with me.  I don’t limit my friends. Even though you drink Soju like I drink mineral water, I still can be your friend. I mean here is~ I expect to help you by providing my life experiences and my thoughts. So then you can help me too, by giving me your opinion. We can discuss, and that’s how we learn from each other. 

So, what have you learn from me? :)

Lots of love,


  1. Even though you drink Soju like I drink mineral water, I still can be your friend.

    Tapi ini nggak berarti kita ikut-ikutan minum soju ya ^^< Semoga lancar belajar bahasa Koreanya, Kak Prima :D


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