Friday, April 17, 2015

#ThePrimTrip Anniversary!


This date, one year ago, I started my 23 days solo trip and I visited three countries: Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I couldn’t help but feeling very grateful as Allah gave me enough health (and money of course) to get through everything. Sometimes I feel like.. at that time, I was ready to lose something, such as money or passport – just for the sake of preparing for the worst. But, alhamdulillah, alhamdullilah, He protected me ‘til I arrived at home, safe and sound.

I know 23 days is not that long, and it’s ‘just’ ASEAN. I also didn’t experience too many things, I know I am not an adventurous type of person and I didn’t want to force myself. If you’ve been my reader since some moments ago, you know that my main purpose was to visit my best friend. I still remember one night in Da Lat, Vietnam, when my best friend and I open our room’ window and look at Da Lat University across the hill, I told her I don’t want to go home. If only I could, I would love to work at the pretty café besides our guest house. But they serve wine and pork-based food, so it’s not good for me. Hahahahaha.

I didn’t take a lot of photos – because I want to embrace every second I have. But even though so, I managed to take around 1,000 photos within 23 days. Most of them are ugly photos that I take because of my stupidity – hmmm, I am not a great photographer and I have to admit it. Trust me, it’s not an easy job for me to edit and upload them. And no, I don’t do that. I only uploaded like around 100 of them.

Besides Vietnam, Malaysia were also become my highlight. I visited Malacca and I hosted by Tante Etty, my mom’s friend. Her family was sooooo kind to me. Everyday in Malacca, I feel like Tante Etty were the one who is having her holiday. She doesn’t even want me to have a free hour; we have to do something, we have to go somewhere. She is the real traveler, not me. Hehehe. Later that year, when my mom visited Malacca, Tante Etty also bring her to some places. Makasih banyak, Tante dan Om. Romantis terus yaaa berdua ;)

While I enjoyed Vietnam and Malaysia so much, I learned something else in Cambodia. Every corner of this country (meh, just visited two cities – but by bus, btw, so yeah..) reflects hard work. Fancy life might be a privilege that is very expensive – or I just didn’t see it. And I guess that’s the real life..

I can’t thank my mom more to give me permission, and surely my dad whom I just informed in the morning right before my flight to Kuala Lumpur (hahaha). Also, the trip won’t be happened if my super boss didn’t give me the leave. Thank you, Pak! You are amazing!

But, at top of that, I congratulate myself to let it happen. Now, at this point, I can’t imagine that kind of trip to be happened again in one or two years ahead. Maybe because I don’t have income now, or maybe, maybe I just become realized how brave I was to take the decision. But still, I have a dream to do Middle East and Sumatera trip – which I hope will be accomplished with a partner, amiiin insyaAllah.

The trip also made me understand about myself better. I am a flexible person: I wrote itinerary just for guiding me to the places – but I didn’t make any rundown. If I have enough time, it’s good. If not, then it’s okay. We still can do something else. Da Lat was never been in my consideration, I just read about it once when I was in Indonesia, but turned out, I had such pleasure and recommend you to visit the city.

I am a person who enjoy silence and being alone, but companion and a little or two feasts won’t hurt. I am totally fine when doing everything by myself, but it’s great to have somebody around. Maybe that’s why I am single and very happy #lah #UjungUjungnyaTetep

The trip was beyond words. Right when I write this, I can smell rain in Malacca or Da Lat, I feel like touching temple stones in Siem Reap, and I can taste of Pho on my tongue.

Sometimes, life is about the small stuffs that matters.

So, have you give yourself a chance to smile on silly things today?

Lots of love,

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  1. Ah, iri ingin bisa seperti ini juga Kak. Kupikir pas kuliah, aku mau mulai buat paspor biar lebih leluasa siapa tau di tengah waktu ada kesempatan pergi mengunjungi negara luar. Doakan ya :D

    Anyway, kalau boleh tahu berapa banyak ongkos yang dikeluarkan? Takut ekspektasiku underrated :D

    1. Hai Syifa, iya aku rasa bikin paspor itu sebuah investasi tersendiri.. siapa tau rezeki jalan-jalan keluar negerinya segera datang sesudah punya 'kunci' :)

      Sekitar 13juta-an sayang, untuk 23 hari.. tanpa promo sama sekali (biasanya ada yang dapat tiket pesawat murah jadi bisa lebih murah); terus aku di Malaysia & Vietnam ga keluar biaya penginapan.. terus (lagi) aku makan enak terus jadi sebenernya bisa dihemat di pengeluaran konsumsi, hehe.


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