Monday, April 20, 2015

Furious 7: It's All About the Brotherhood

It was a nice Thursday afternoon as I have collected my mid-test essays. I feel so freeeeeeee.. I believe I can fly~~~~~~ *jump off from my college building* :)))

As I have said before, our deadline is actually Friday but I finished mostly everything on Tuesday. Too bad, I met one of my lecturer on Wednesday and I have to work on some revisions on Thursday morning. Argh. But enough is enough. Kalau kata teman-teman sekelas, prinsipnya anak S2 itu simpel: #YangPentingKelar. Duh, ga kebayang gimana masa depan bangsa ini kalau begini ceritanya, huahahahaha.

Back to the lovely Thursday. As I didn’t give a deym care for those assignments – I mean, I have squeezed my brain so hard, so yes I deserve a break. No, not only KitKat (krik krik). But… it’s movie time!

Last time I watch movie on theatre, it was Hijab, with my fellow Indonesian Hijab Blogger friends. This time, me and Kina, my pretty classmate, arguing for the movie choices. I definitely think about Furious 7, because it’s everywhere. Gw mah mau jadi anak gaul gitu orangnya. But when we see the 21 website and find out that Cinderella still on, we plan to watch it. Turns out, the one that being shown in Jogja City Mall is Beauty and the Beast, which makes us like…what?! So yes, we decided to watch Furious 7.

I didn’t have any expectation for this sequel. I know nothing about the storyline, especially because I stop watching the franchise after Tokyo Drift. But one thing I know, it is good. Like, really good. What I can remember mostly is, it’s not a common race movie. It has everything audiences want: the plot, the characters, the cars (and here they have a $3,4M car, phew), and… the chemistry. Seriously, even though I’m not their fans – I personally don’t feel like a fans of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, or anybody else, but the connection between each other is worth the tears. That’s why I left the studio with blurry eyes…..

Kina herself, never watched The Fast and The Furious, she said. She kinda shocked to see girls with ‘improper clothes’. Oh, I forgot telling you that Kina dress syar’i-ly. Later then, she said she enjoy the movie. Alhamdulillah #eh :p

If the story is not too appealing for you (or for me too, and because of that, I almost googling at some first minutes), just enjoy the race and the fight.. For me, it’s getting more awesome when they have to take ‘the important stuff’ in Abu Dhabi. After Mission Impossible taking scene in Burj Al-Khalifa, it seems like the government of Abu Dhabi got a little bit jealous. They ‘provide’ not just one or two buildings, but THREE Etihad towers (sponsor alert!!!), to be destroyed by the ‘flying car’ rode by Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker). The scene makes me remember Brian’ statement (and repeated by Brian’ son) at the beginning, “cars don’t fly.” Anyway, they made it. Make the cars fly, I mean.

However, right before the scene of flying car, I kinda disgusted by a scene where they attend a party run by a Jordanian prince. Okay okay, Arabic princes are many. But my imagination of Prince Ali, the Crown Prince of Jordanian, almost ruined by this movie. I have read a based-on-true-story novel tells the life of the Arabic royal family so I wasn’t too shocked. But I do hope my husband candidate a.k.a the Crown Prince of Dubai never hold this kind of party. No way, he is too busy with horse riding, skydiving, and photographing the giraffes somewhere in Africa.

Ehem, back to the movie. Besides that Abu Dhabi thing, the rest is just so… The Fast and the Furious, and I’m sure you know what I mean. Of course I can’t spill too many details as I don’t know who direct the movie and put some ‘innovation’. For some ‘technical’ stuffs like that, I recommend you to read this review. The writer is insane, I warn you.

By saying that the movie is just so-so, doesn’t mean that I don’t like it. Otherwise, I looove it and proud of myself who makes the decision to watch the movie. The ending part is just too sweet, it takes my breath away. Later I found that Paul Walker has been CGI-ed in some scenes – it makes me scared and try to remember if I can see the differences. But no, I let myself cry at the ending, especially when Dominic said, “that bond will never be broke and the love will never get lost” and then they drive to separate way.

It’s just good to know that Paul Walker is remembered that way instead of others, like suicide or other bad story. Car accident is also bad, too bad for an actor in a car-related movie. But, ah, I can’t even say another word to describe my painful feeling..

So, yes, I highly recommend you to watch Furious 7, even though I still amazed by the way Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) cracked his arm bandage. Badan gede amat om, sarapannya kayu jati? #abaikan

That’s all from me, and have a great week ahead – assignments are coming (again, sigh).

For Paul,

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