Thursday, March 7, 2019

Readers Who Write: My Earliest Piece of Creative Writing

Today I am going to bring you for some throwbacks as the question is…

What is the earliest piece of creative writing you can remember starting? Was it a poem, short story, novel, etc.? What was it about? Did you finish the first draft?

I started journaling when I was so little. My mom works full time and usually will be home at 4-5PM, so she asked me to write any activities that I do before she arrives. Basically my diary contained with story of my day, including what I have learned at school and the television series that I watch while waiting for her.

Oh that’s not creative writing. Right. Hahaha. Okay so my first piece of writings was… poem. Yes, I wrote a lot of it! Long ones. I joined some writing competitions during elementary school, and there were times I got rejected because my poem was too long. I don’t remember who were my muses, but I remember I wrote a lot about politics. Iyaaa, beneraaan. I wrote about how we can be a better Indonesian citizen, stuffs like that.

Some years later, I switched to essays because it gives me more space to express my thoughts. Yet, my words were ‘flowery’ when Taufik Ismail read my writing in a competition, he said I should write poems instead. But I never really learn how to write, those years my writings were so raw it came straight from my mind and unedited. My library teacher as the editor only helped picking up the correct words from Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia – that’s why Kamus and Dictionary become two of my most favorite books ever since.

In 2009, I began to blog and realized it’s a good medium to publish my writings. I can write everything as I like, and I used Tumblr that time. In 2011, I founded a blog named HeloKim, and this is something I want to share you about. HeloKim was built based on my thesis about foreign football players, and I posted most of the writings there using one person POV. So this Korean football player, I gave him name JH Kim, telling his daily life stories on the blog. I covered some topics from habits and culture of Korean, his difficulties in trying to survive in Indonesia, until his love life. Turned out, some people think JH Kim is a real person, and sent me emails! I was surprised and it motivated me to transform it into a novel draft.

The blog header, sorry if it's cheesy. 😅

However, it’s been EIGHT years now (Oh my God) and I haven’t finished it yet. I am too clueless to keep writing. I don’t know how to start over again, I also don’t have any idea about the ending. All I can imagine is the characters (because it is based on true story). Unfortunately, although experienced the stories myself, this ‘JH Kim’ and I didn’t have any ending. We just… stopped talking. Lha kalau aku bikin akhirnya begitu, bisa dikeplak pembaca ye kan?

It’s been my biggest dream to accomplish it, and I really wish there will be a production house who wants to bring it into movie (talking about DREAM). Only this year might not be the best time for it, I can’t recall where I put the draft ((-_-)). Perhaps next year I will be back to this project, get some senses of football matches and Korean culture. This, will not only be one of the highest achievement in my writing ‘career’, but also perpetuates my memories with some people who changed my mind about love and life. So… stay tune!

Lots of love,

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