Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday Journal #1

Today is the first Monday in 2019 and the idea of posting Monday Journal just crossed my mind. I have to admit that since mid last year, I don’t spend enough time to write properly. For reading, which is the fuel of writing, I read a lot less than in previous years (not that I really record the number of books I read along the year, though). It only got real as I reopened the folder of “Antologi Ramadan 2019” and I lost my sense. I need to provide around 15 writings so that we will have 30 chapters, but… I don’t know how to start writing.

I am still journaling and I try to make time every two days even just one A5 page. However, those are for personal purpose, as some writings are too sad or too silly to be published. So I realized I need to ‘warm myself up’ and read more books before I could begin another writing project. That’s why I will tie myself to my laptop every Monday evening to present you a ‘report’ of one last week in my life. Hopefully it will not be abandoned like the Ubud Journal. *slapped my face*

The first week in 2019 for me was SUPER busy. I was happy and sad at the same time until I was confused which one I should do first: crying or laughing? The Muslimah Sinau big event, “A Day Full of Inspiration” has to be cancelled because some complicated reasons – BUT I got a call from a respective person who really interested in the event. She asked me to propose the event idea to her organization, which I did already, but my energy has been drained. Of course experience is the best teacher because I gained many insights by making this event, and I wish I can recreate the event in a better way before this year ends. Aamiin.

Me, my mom, and my sister also organizing the Pelatihan Baca Alquran in Surabaya routinely again. I am a bit sad to know that I can only help one session more (on January 20) because I will be back to Ubud soon, but I am also glad to see the training has successfully gathered more than 10 students. Yes, it is an achievement if you see our efforts in inviting people.

Another episode of bereavement was, two people in my close circle passed away in a week. My uncle (tapi Pakde jauh) has been in ICU for a few days. His condition was actually getting better, before he died in late night of Wednesday. Mom of Qowi (my podcast partner) died of breast cancer on Saturday morning. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un.

But I have to keep going, as I have promised my best friend to accompany her for her wedding preparation. It is very important too, for some reasons I can’t spill here. Before I met this girl, I also got a chance to visit another best friend in her house in Sidoarjo, as we already made appointment since weeks ago.


This is why Malang house is a place for serenity for me. I don’t really go out in Malang, except to gym and mini mart. Somehow most of my friends in Malang work and if we want to meet, then it has to be in the weekend – while I often spend weekend in Surabaya. I sleep more peacefully in Malang, but there are always things that need to be taken care of. Like, Muslimah Sinau posts, Ya Allah…

I know this year will keep me busy just like other years. I have some career targets to achieve, but most importantly, I have to improve my hablumminallah. I plan to read Alquran translation more often and take notes; I want to increase my Tahajjud and Sunnah fasting frequency; and I want to serve more people in the name of Allah. Semoga waktu, kesehatan, dan rezeki material yang Allah titipkan kepada saya dapat saya pertanggungjawabkan dengan optimal, karena hanya itulah alasan kita menjalani kehidupan ini, kan?


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