Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quick Reminder

Pic by The Good Quote

I personally dislike doing house chores. At my house, I do it when I want to, and nobody force me. But here in Jogja, there are some 'special' situation means I have to do it although I won't to. But still I do it, while grumbling inside my heart, lol. 

IMO, there is nothing wrong with women who feel like I do. Let say, they have a lot of things to do, which are more important than doing those kind of stuffs. Also, when we hire maid or laundry, we can share some blessings that we get - hey, they need money, too (and to be honest, my mom always taught me to treat them like family member).

However, some of these months I tried so hard to comprehend that a good woman is judged by how she takes care of the house - while man can just throw their dirty clothes to the basket. No matter how great the woman's job outside, if there is no food at the table, it's over! WHY OH WHY???

No answer though, maybe it's just my mind. Or it's just the culture. 

But this morning, I read the quote above and I become sure of it. I get it. Someone who doesn't take care of his/her shelter, more likely can't watch his/her career as well as who do. If you don't pay attention to a place that supposed to motivate, inspire, and lift you up; how it can gives you the support that you need?


(and please help me clean up the house)

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  1. good woman is judged by how she takes care of the house.


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