My name is Primadita, and this is the story of me, start blogging all over again.

This is the saddest thing ever but lately I lose my motivation in blogging. As I finished my thesis and got back to the working stage, I hardly found time to sit, relax, and write. Additionally, I have to deal with depression symptoms since early last year. Everytime I want to publish a new post, I always think why would I expose a lot of sadness? I always been an optimistic person, and with all of these challenges, it reduced a bit but I am hoping someday my life will be brighter.

But the question then was, when?

“...indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves...” (Q.S. Ar-Ra’d (13): 11)

Then one day I woke up and realized it can’t be like this for long time. Nothing last forever, and so does these whatever-I-am-facing stuffs. BUT first thing first, I have to rise up and move forward. At the same time, I found two ‘mantra’: #BersyukurTanpaTapi (‘being grateful without ‘but’’) and #PositiveVibesOnly. It gave me the strength to see the bigger picture, and made me certain that my situation WILL be better.

So what’s the relation with blogging?

I was grateful that I am – after all – just a human being. I have flaws and my life ain’t perfect. And I believe every person has his/her own ups and downs. No matter how rich a millionaire is, or how famous a celebrity is, eventually he/she has to solve some problems.

THIS, is what I want to share with my readers. With the pressure of social media, many people becoming too focus on posting the good things only. There is somewhat anxiety to post ‘the real side of me’, as it will makes the followers/readers/subscribers run away.

Don’t get me wrong. Good things are indeed good. Who doesn’t love delicious food, stylish #ootd, or cute babies? But what I realized later is, these so-called social media influencer make a favorable decision to show one side of their life. While some other sides will never be shown to us.

I am not a social media influencer. AT ALL. That’s why I think it is totally okay to show the world how does it feels to be me. I want to share what I have been learning in my journey. Sometimes I got important lessons from my trips; books that I read; or conversation with my friends or strangers.

I just have one hope, so that people can take the wisdom. And that, will save me in hereafter.

Yogyakarta, one day before my birthday, 2017


  1. lah. orang ugm ternyata haha.
    salah hormat kakak..

    hanif insanwisata

  2. whaaa alumni kom ugm? :o halo mbak aku maba kom ugm 2016 nih, kaget baca profilnya :D


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